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  1. TDC

    Where is everyone going???

    Owned a 350 for a little over 4 years. Engine ran great with no oil use but it became primarily a track toy and with the power train warranty about to expire, the thought of popping a $20k motor had me look for something as capable on track but with a much lower engine replacement cost so...
  2. TDC

    Prices are on the rise......

    Another 3 trillion will be spent on the next bill. Government is spending money like a teenager who just got an inheritance or insurance settlement...pathetic
  3. TDC

    GT350 Cold Start Bark

    If you press the start button and wait a few seconds for the exhaust valves to cycle it will quiet down the cold start bark. I love the bark and during my ownership I would purposely beat the valves cycling so I can hear the full anger.
  4. TDC

    GT350 Wheels and tires for the track.

    For track work PSC2’s don’t last and heat cycle out quickly. They stick really well but their grip drops substantially over the life of the tire. Tramlining for me was the worst with PSC2’s vs any of the tires I list below. NT01’s are noisy and only a tad less grip but stay consistent over the...
  5. TDC

    hey GT350 owners . I'm getting the Mach 1. Is the Tremac that much better than the MT 82. I've read of some problems with the Tremac as well.

    Sometimes first is a bit notchy, at least on mine, but otherwise such a nice shifting trans
  6. TDC

    Debating between GT350R and ZL1 1LE. Thoughts?

    Only things the ZL1 1LE has on the 350R is torque and cheaper to replace the engine (doesn’t matter if only keeping car during warranty period). Everything else favors the GT350R: better ride, visibility, interior, sound, shifter, exterior style
  7. TDC

    Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    Almost 1/2 the MSRP so yes it is expensive. For comparison the Chevy pushrod LT1 from the C7 vette and Camaro is 9k from oil pan to manifold
  8. TDC

    Infographic: 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels Combine Performance and Art

    So true and how scummy of Ford to allow for such misleading statements. Feels like I’m listening to a scummy used car salesperson.
  9. TDC

    Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    Regarding the run group comment....for some organizations and regions, which hpde group you run doesn’t equate well to how well you drive or your track awareness. It could be a real S-show out there, horrible technique, poor passing skills and delayed point-by’s. Now, for organizations such as...
  10. TDC

    Wrecked / Totaled 2020+ GT500 Thread

    Owner of the blue car got tired of looking at the front bumper design
  11. TDC

    Irresponsible driving = crashed Shelby

    seems like everyone is making it easy to get themselves arrested. Cops needn’t walk a beat anymore, just watch social media videos, identify the individual and arrest ‘em. I remember when I thought the internet was going to be such a useful thing to help expand people’s knowledge and bring...
  12. TDC

    Rare problem: 5th/6th gear bucking/surging and cruise control not working

    On my car they updated the PCM and replaced the output trans sensor. I have since sold it but for the 1000 miles I drove it after the repair I did not have an issue.
  13. TDC

    Anyone drive the new GT500?

    Everyone has different experiences but mine is what I said. On day two at Lime Rock the front of the car starts washing out before lunch and I’m 1.5 seconds slower. After lunch it begins understeering even more and I’m 2-3 seconds slower per lap. Packed it up early because the car became so slow...
  14. TDC

    Anyone drive the new GT500?

    I found tires have made night and day differences with tramlining. The details of each tire are below and were on my 2016 GT350 with a track alignment (2.5-3 degree front camber with slightly positive toe and 2 deg rear camber) - GT350 R specification PSC2 were by far the worst. Horrible tire on...
  15. TDC

    First Track Day Done

    If the tracks by you allow 4 points than the Schroth Quickfit Pro may be the way to go. Keeps upper body in place and doesn’t muck up the everyday usefulness. As with any harness system make sure you get a Hans Type device for the neck.
  16. TDC

    Brake fluid replacement with Motive System

    I do the dry method as well. Don’t like the idea of having paint killing brake fluid under pressure and ready to spray all over the car. Also saves from having to do the cleanup. Don’t like the idea of using s compressor because fear of introducing water into the fluid.
  17. TDC

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Quickjack is about 18” of lift
  18. TDC

    First Track Day Done

    Awesome to hear it. This car on track is a must for all 350 owners at least once. Confidence inspiring handling and the wail to 8k is hard to beat.