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  1. jasonstang

    Battery troubles...

    If you store your car for winter, better get a battery tender. Even for daily driven cars, sometimes I put it on tender just to top it up. My 17 purchased in 16 still has factory battery and no issues what so ever.
  2. jasonstang

    2018 Oil Filter question.

    Pretty normal for factory to use smaller cheaper filters.
  3. jasonstang

    Thoughts on why the 500 was made if the 820S fits?

    There are many places still use the 820s. Many owners go by the owners manual when changing oil themselves. If there is a market and they can make a profit, they will keep using them.
  4. jasonstang

    19’ GT first oil change question.

    There is this handy thing under the hood usually is colored in yellow. You pull it out and look at the bottom. Due to fluid surface tension, it will some how display the fluid level on this piece of metal that has markings on them to tell you if the level is okay or not. Or simply put, pull the...
  5. jasonstang

    10R80 hesitation at 230F

    Does sound like a clutch slip. Kinda weird that the TCM would even allow that. There should be torque management to limit the amount of torque during shifting. Something is not right.
  6. jasonstang

    Here’s what my oil looks like at 4000 miles

    I have seen engines shed metal after 8000 miles. It doesn't matter really because it will be all filtered out by the filter if its big enough to cause damage.
  7. jasonstang


    I have DWS06 on my WRX and the initial steering response is a bit vague. Like there is a bigger dead zone compare to the stock Dunlop summer tires. DWS06 is great if you drive in snow a lot. The Michelin will have better steering response but not as good snow performance.
  8. jasonstang

    Here’s what my oil looks like at 4000 miles

    Nah, not too far off from my WRX engine. Turbos darken oil quick but it doesn't mean the oil is bad. This is why I tell people don't change first oil change that early. When first oil is changed that early, people tend to wait longer on the second oil change when the rings are still not sealed...
  9. jasonstang

    Oil Leak @ Filter

    Can you tell where that spot is? Take the bottom pan off and see where it's dripping from. I have heard that the valve cover gaskets can leak.
  10. jasonstang

    2016 5.0 Dipstick level

    As long as between high and low, you are good to go.
  11. jasonstang

    How do your clean you wheel wells?

    Never had issues win simple green. I had some issues with certain wheel cleaner actually.
  12. jasonstang

    Has anyone compounded/waxed/polished and had color transfer?

    If the paint is a tinted clear, you will get some color on the pad which is no different than polishing a clear just you can't see it.
  13. jasonstang

    New wheels & tires poke

    A lot of these tires are set up for lowered suspension. Because of the sunpension geometry, when lowered, the wheels will get pushed inwards. Because of that, a lot of the wheels will have some poke at stock height.
  14. jasonstang

    Finally broken in. Red line question

    It's what rev limiter is for.
  15. jasonstang

    Do Michelin drivers have bad depth perception?

    Seems OP likes to complain about a lot of non-issues.
  16. jasonstang

    2020 Auto selector?

    Unfortunately that is the trend everyone else is going.
  17. jasonstang

    Ford GT 2019 301A PP1 (Auto Relock)

    I think re-lock is if the car is locked and you unlock the door with the fob and never opened the door, the doors will re-lock to prevent accidental unlock. I don't think any car has auto-lock function.
  18. jasonstang

    Wives & 'Stangs

    Maybe tell her to stop bury her face in the phone all the time? She's gonna get sick in any car doing that. Maybe enjoy the views? Might wanna ask her why she hates the car so much. Does it make her think you are cheating on her while in front of her? She's got some insecurity issues if that's...