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  1. Czs550

    S550 underwelming...

    I like the S550 but just because it is a new platform doesnt mean it has less squeaks and rattles. Hell my 15 and my 18 have squeaks and rattle from the dash and from the passenger rear c pillar interior plastic trim. In fact they have as many rattles as my 04 mach 1. I am constantly pushing my...
  2. Czs550

    S550 underwelming...

    So I have now owned two S550 mustangs, a 2015 gtpp base and now a 2018 gt 10r80. After driving these cars every day for the past 3 years now I must say they are great cars with a lot of power and performance and great handling compared to other gen mustangs but I find myself having more...
  3. Czs550

    2020 Shelby GT500 Mustang leaked specs: 720HP @ 7500 RPM, 650 ft-lbs @ 4500 RPM, 4225lbs curb weight

    If these are the real numbers this is a massive let down. It weighs only 50 lbs less then a demon and has 120 less hp? The 350r was a great car it just lacked one thing. Power. So we were all hoping the gt500 would perform like the 350r but have more power but with this leak that is not the...
  4. Czs550

    Shopping for bullitts...

    I was shopping for bullitts on auto trader and i saw this, please tell me no one on hear paid something similar for a bullit
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  6. Czs550

    1,200 mile 18 gt engine noise

    Same here its just annoying, spend 40k on a vehicle and this happens.. just unacceptable
  7. Czs550

    1,200 mile 18 gt engine noise

    Have a tick noise that sounds like the bbq tick. Noise starts to occur after about a minute of running, what do you guys think?
  8. Czs550

    FS: OEM GT350 Wheels

  9. Czs550

    Dean Martin's GT4 Mustang

    What a finish!!
  10. Czs550

    StainlessWorks active exhaust for 2018 Mustang GT’s

    All modes, normal and sport sound the same, quiet and track are the most notable difference especially at wot
  11. Czs550

    StainlessWorks active exhaust for 2018 Mustang GT’s

    It uses the factory ford exhaust valves. You control quiet, normal, sport and track through the steering wheel just like when the stock active exhaust is on. For this setup you have to have active exhaust from the factory, its not like the Roush setup where you get an aftermarket controller and...
  12. Czs550

    StainlessWorks active exhaust for 2018 Mustang GT’s

    About a month and a half ago I contacted StainlessWorks to see if they were looking for an 18 Mustang GT for R&D. It turns out they were! They had my car for about a month but it was well worth the wait. The exhaust is an active H-pipe cat back with quad tips. Its a 3 inch stainless steel sytem...
  13. Czs550

    2020 GT500 Mustang Caught Testing Uncovered For The First Time

    2020 GT500 with 2018 style headlights...
  14. Czs550

    New 18 GT owner here

    Welcome to the show
  15. Czs550

    Need for Green Official...
  16. Czs550

    2018 GT looking to upgrade rear suspension...

    I still want it to handle good on backroads and city street but drag race oriented. To start im thinking intake, tune, exhaust drag wheel setup and some parts to stiffen the irs up. Nothing to crazy.....yet lol.
  17. Czs550

    Racing your 18

    What bald menace said