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    Mach 1 Pricing = Invoice - 2%

    Dealer invoice minus 2 percent is A/Z plan pricing for those that don’t know X plan is 2 percent above invoice
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    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    what you don’t see is that frpp like most tuners. Disables or pulls pack tq management with this tune. It’s a great way to make under the curve gains. Also comparing this to the bullitt and mach 1 isn’t apples for apples they have the gt350 intake which is up for debate whether or not, it’s...
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    HPP dyno

    I wouldn’t pay attention to the numbers look at how much nicer the curve is after 4500rpm. This is also why even with mods a base Ecoboost isn’t very fast in the grand scheme of things. Reminds of the old 302s, where they would nose dive after 5000rpm
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    Do you want to see an AWD Mustang? Is it still a Mustang?

    A mustang is just like the. Vette it goes with the times. Very few brands can stay alive by not changing. The 911 is the best example, while Harley is dying a slow and painful death the best way for Ford to handle this is by not trying to make an NSX like Chevy is rumored to do with the Eray...
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    Strange request from the Ford dealership

    if he’s crying about a 49 state legal exhaust he’s not a man lmfao
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    “Next Gen” Mustang Will be Electric (EV) Only Claims Autoline

    Ford motor company doesn’t know what die they’re going to run on a line in 3 weeks and these fools are telling you about the 2028 model year yeah okay 👌
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    The big S550 end of generation thread

    lol it’s coming sooner rather than later and you’re not going to see any crazy new s550 models.So it’s a mood point
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    The big S550 end of generation thread

    I thought this would be a cool idea to reflect on the s550 as a whole and talk about the things Ford nailed with this generation. Plus maybe some things thus should of improved on and maybe could of done better long term. I’ll go first pros 1) when this car first came out it was a mixed bag...
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    Build and price???

    They’re being really slow with the 21 build and price. Anyone know when it’s gonna be up
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    New Shelby American GT500 Prototype Spotted

    Typical Shelby American, over done and over priced lol 😂
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    Actual warranty denials due to tuning.

    that’s because your average gt350 leaves it stock. Go on the focus st forum it’s warranty void left and right lol.Ford didn’t use a good ring land design on the 2.0 pistons and even stock they’re known to LSPI. If you want real info that’s the place to go
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    What's so Special about a California???????

    let me clarify for the people in the back It’s an appearance package
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    What's so Special about a California???????

    It’s an appearance package and nothing more.
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    Front OEM Brake Pads

    if you warped those bad boys, you had to been like Superman on those brakes lol Jk. That was the whole point of the floating pin design was to help with cooling
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    2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    Chevy dealers are famous for taking “orders aka deposits on allocations” it’s not a bad thing but you do see maybe 1/10 guys getting screwed over when the times comes for allocations to be made
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    2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    he put a deposit down lol they’re not taking orders on a car that isn’t even unveiled yet. And if he did he’s getting scammed because they might just take that money and run. It’s happened many of times before when they don’t get an allocation
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    2020 GT350 "track use" warranty exclusion

    It’s hard to say how Ford would handle a failed engine because of a track day. More than likely it would come down to the dealer, for every dealer that doesn’t care and just warranties it without issue. You have 3 that won’t touch it if it has a catback on it. As I’ve said above i think dodge is...
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    Infographic: 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels Combine Performance and Art

    when they’re talking about the wheels as a major design feature. It’s like when the devs at cyberpunk 2077 said it runs really well on consoles, when it didn’t lmfao
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    Infographic: 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package Wheels Combine Performance and Art

    So instead of making some cool one off engine lol. We are going to brag about how our wheels are made to look like a birds nest that’s mostly made of trash and hay 👌 😂
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    2021 Mach 1 Tuning

    Just for comparison sake here is more data for y’all with how good the gen 3 intake really is most of the gains are going to come from extra tuning, the 87MM, and the gt350 cold air package. It’s all a cumulative affect, which is why in the dyno above the results don’t look very good for the...