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  1. Stangnut

    Looking For Pics of Other Black Wheels on a Bullitt

    Thinking about getting new wheels because I've never really liked the silver trim on the stock Bullitt wheels. Anyone have any all black aftermarket wheels on their Bullitt? Also considering OEM PP1 wheels
  2. Stangnut

    West Virginia MRR M350 w/ Michelin Pilot Super Sports, TPMS, Center Caps, Locking Lugs

    Love the Guard Metallic! Sold my '15 Guard GT for the '19 Bullitt, but sometimes the Guard looks more like the original Bullitt than the current one, lol. I'm in Dothan, AL. 36303.
  3. Stangnut

    West Virginia MRR M350 w/ Michelin Pilot Super Sports, TPMS, Center Caps, Locking Lugs

    Any pictures of them mounted? Have you changed your mind about shipping?
  4. Stangnut

    Alabama Value of Performance Pack 1 Wheels Used

    Do you still have the wheels?
  5. Stangnut

    Anyone else get this? Weird hesitation.

    Experiment in Sport mode and see if the stumble gets a little better.
  6. Stangnut

    AA Spare Tire Group Buy

    Anyone have a list of the exact parts AA uses in their kit? Maybe we can find them individually and do group buys on the parts themselves.
  7. Stangnut

    How to determine build date

    I don't think the blend date & build date are the same by definition. They happen to be the same most of the time, but not all the time.
  8. Stangnut

    Bullitt owners - How many are modifying their Bullitt to enhance its performance?

    For the guys who've installed the Ford Performance MagneRide Handling Pack, what changes did you feel? Is the ride a little harsher? Also, does it lower the car at all?
  9. Stangnut

    OEM wheels in Gunmetal grey

    So how did they turn out?
  10. Stangnut

    AA Spare Tire Group Buy

    Interested. Southeast Alabama.
  11. Stangnut

    Steeda Bullitt Tune

    Correct. Someone looked up the part numbers shortly after the Bullitt came out and they were the same as a GT. I always wanted to see/hear a video directly comparing a Bullitt with AE to a GT PP1 with AE, but no one ever made one.
  12. Stangnut

    Permanently disable colored mood lights in door handle recess and foot wells.

    My Color & ambient lighting are a waste of money on Ford's part. They're tacky and gimmicky. I'd rather have hood struts.
  13. Stangnut

    Pedal Commander First Thoughts

    I had a Pedal Max on my '15 GT (non PP) and loved it. I put one on my '19 Bullitt and it was just a little too much for me even on the lowest setting. I still haven't uninstalled it yet. Guess I need to do that someday, lol. I had the dial on both and IMO it's a must have.
  14. Stangnut

    Cargo Hold-downs

    Glad you like it. How do you think it compares to using boxes/containers?
  15. Stangnut

    Car protectors

    I think they will either make custom pieces or will sell you sheets of it for you to cut out yourself. Not sure though. I can tell you they make the very best trunk mat on the market. Nothing moves or slides in your trunk. Your stuff stays where you put it. No need for ugly bulky containers.
  16. Stangnut

    Cargo Hold-downs

    Hate that you're getting such bad service from them. It'll be worth the wait. This is the second one I've had (also had one in an '05 GT) and it's a lot better than having all those boxes and nets in your trunk. You might try contacting Fender Gripper and buying it directly even though they...
  17. Stangnut

    Cargo Hold-downs

    Yes, you have the subwoofer in the trunk so it'll need to be trimmed.
  18. Stangnut

    Cargo Hold-downs

    I think you'll be very happy with it. Let us know what you think when you get it and use it a little. I love mine.
  19. Stangnut

    Cargo Hold-downs

    Just get one of these: Fender Gripper Trunk Mat Nothing will move.
  20. Stangnut

    Driverside floor water leak.