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  1. Zemedici

    Atlanta s550s Intake Manifold Shootout

    Shit, I need to get back on this board. Thank you Terminator2, I will pass the info to my tuner.
  2. Zemedici

    Alton's 2017 Race Red GT350 (SICK shots)

    Looks fantastic buddy! Congrats! Making me debate getting a GT350.....
  3. Zemedici

    Steeda CAI - 5k miles on it, only selling cause I sold my car

    you sold your car?! PM inbound sir
  4. Zemedici

    Another crash thread!

    I can see 14k in damage rather easily. As you said the headlights arent cheap, neither is a hood, all those plastic panels behind the grilles, etc. Glad you got fixed up!
  5. Zemedici

    Pony lights broken

    As stated above, the lights are serviceable separate and should be replaced under warranty (as long as you're under 3 / 36 ). I had 2 of them replaced in under 30 minutes when I was writing service. No biggie.... Incompetent techs and / or service writers seem more and more common nowadays.
  6. Zemedici

    Bad news Part2 (Farewell)

    I figured the OP had an existing relationship with the dealership, may be wrong though. :shrug:
  7. Zemedici

    Bad news Part2 (Farewell)

    So you cancelled the deal? I'd make them sell me the car, just to rub it in their face. Plus you are paying ADM....blasphemy.
  8. Zemedici

    Raxiom LED Halo Taillights

    inforresults!!! Could you plz tag me when you post photos? Curious...
  9. Zemedici

    Hack for rolling up windows with key fob??

    busted out laughing, was like 'who's this guy?' realized it was you Thanks Rich wireeater :lol:
  10. Zemedici

    Procharged GT350 at Mustang Week

    yes. Was Procharger's test car - Jeff Scofield.
  11. Zemedici

    Procharger Game On

    Thank you. OP - in for ~700whp :D
  12. Zemedici

    My new car!

    I LOVE all the hate. For Hardly any money worth of mods (+tuning) my shop transforms hellcats into 800rwhp animals. Nice car! When's the pulley swap? :)
  13. Zemedici

    Procharger Supercharged GT350

    No sir that's our custom tune. :)
  14. Zemedici

    Stasik's Ghost

    Oh man. The anticipation! Could you do us a favor? Drive the car for a little bit before you put the mods on? So you can Truly feel the difference they make :cheers: almost there!! :D
  15. Zemedici

    Procharger Supercharged GT350

    N/A Build is always fun! And different blowers cost different amounts and perform differently. :) All in what you want
  16. Zemedici

    Procharger Supercharged GT350

    They're pretty similar actually. Example Girls 2.9 car made ~640/511 Customers D-1SC car made 699/560 Anxious for Procharger to release this kit, got 2 customers ready to pull the trigger, just waiting....
  17. Zemedici

    Z06 DoucheNozzleBaggery

    And I have the same mindset. Being a douchebag in a vette is so much fun. My brother's c5z that we put a MASSIVE cam in was a BLAST to go tear shit up with. Also got the wrong kind of attention, though. And with the cam choppin everyone thought it made big power, but only made like 411 whp :lol:
  18. Zemedici

    Z06 DoucheNozzleBaggery

    i lol'ed :lol::lol:
  19. Zemedici

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    THATS WHAT I SAID hehehe