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  1. Dizaster

    Florida NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

    Bump price drop
  2. Dizaster

    Florida NGK Laser Iridium Spark Plugs

    NGK laser Iridium Spark Plugs #LTR6BI-13 brand new, never used. fits 15-17 Mustang GT’s, 12-13 Boss 302’s $80 shipped
  3. Dizaster

    Florida 15-17 Mustang Hood Vents for Sale

    Came off my mustang early on as I swapped over to Roush Louvers 75$ Shipped PM me for more info
  4. Dizaster

    Florida [SOLD] Lund Racing Nguage

    SOLD it is locked to Lund Racing but you can still monitor your mustang or purchase a new tune through with them for the device. PM me for more info!
  5. Dizaster

    trade corsa extreme for sport

    I have a pair of sports I'm looking to swap for xtremes
  6. Dizaster

    WTB: blank decklid/Ox Premium Rear bumper/ Ox Roush side scoops

    Blank decklid, roush side scoops oxford white & also looking for a oxford white premium bumper even if it any aftermarket valance
  7. Dizaster

    Looking to swap my corsa sports for corsa xtremes

    Yeah actually I am
  8. Dizaster

    Looking for a local shop or individual to install parts (WPB)

    I live in wpb, I can help as I done my mods myself! (Full exhaust and cosmetics) Just let me know!
  9. Dizaster

    WTT Corsa Extremes For Corsa Sports

    Please pm me, I've actually have been looking for a swap myself
  10. Dizaster

    Looking to swap my corsa sports for corsa xtremes

  11. Dizaster

    Looking to swap my corsa sports for corsa xtremes

    Yes I have kooks, and it's not that loud
  12. Dizaster

    Looking to swap my corsa sports for corsa xtremes

    I am located in the west palm beach, title says all, my cat back is pretty much new. Just trying to get my car louder :amen:
  13. Dizaster

    looking for someone for header install? West Palm beach

    We are not a professional or certified mechanic but we can install headers at a reasonable price, if you have headers and are looking for an install let me know. Local shops will charge you around $800, FYI :thumbsup:
  14. Dizaster

    Anyone trading in your performance pack GT mustang

    Unfortunately I was inpatient when buying my car at 18, and regret not waiting to get the packages , I'm currently looking for the front bumper lip , and brembo & rotors, and I'm trying to swap them over. As my buddy told me about when he traded in his car & did it with his friend. I'll throw...
  15. Dizaster

    Fabricating base model mustang?

    Looks perfect to me, looks great, did you have method on doing it? Or a tutorial?
  16. Dizaster

    Stock '15 GT Exhaust

    Running corsa sport catback now, But it's Good condition, asking $50. 2015 OEM Ford Mustang GT Exhaust Looking for a local deal, reason I didn't post in marketplace
  17. Dizaster

    Car meets, South Florida Area

    Steeda cai tune & corsa sport catback hbu? & cars & coffee is tomorrow