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  1. Jbraun2828

    2017 GT350, no tow hook receiver!?

    Some people have been able to mount the hook while leaving the facia on. I removed mine and it was no big deal. Probably 15 minutes to get it off.
  2. Jbraun2828

    Vorshlag Camber/Caster Plates Ordered today

    You can’t do that with any camber plate so don’t worry about it. Anytime you play with camber the toe needs to be adjusted and really you need a full alignment if you want things right.
  3. Jbraun2828

    GT500 Track Attack - Impressions

    So if you wreck the car it’s on you to pay for damages?
  4. Jbraun2828

    2013 Boss 302 vs 2019 GT Performance Package Level 1

    Performance aside, I would take the boss every day of the week and twice on Sunday.
  5. Jbraun2828

    Anyone have a 2020-up Explorer?

    Wife has a 21 explorer st, so far so good
  6. Jbraun2828

    Gt500 wheels/tires on a 350

    Yes offsets are different between the 350 and 500 wheels. I think they’re mentioned on the first page
  7. Jbraun2828

    Is there a "best" Year GT350 to Buy?

    I would say on non R’s 16- mid to high 40’s 17-18- low to mid 50’s 19-20- high 50’s with some 20’s still 60 plus Just a guess
  8. Jbraun2828

    Let's see those garages!

    I’ve been married for 20 years 🤷‍♂️
  9. Jbraun2828

    Let's see those garages!

    Yes on the heat/ac using propane. The building is 40x60.
  10. Jbraun2828

    Let's see those garages!

    Here’s mine, I spend a lot of time out here especially in the winter
  11. Jbraun2828

    Mach 1 Road Trip Review (1400+ miles in 3 days)

    Hey my wife has one of those as well. No tune though
  12. Jbraun2828

    Finally got my GT350

    Beautiful car, congrats!
  13. Jbraun2828

    Help-Buying Used 2017 and Trading my 2016 Tech Pack

    That’s way too much for a 17. In perfect condition that car should be low 50’s at best. 58k should put you into a 19-20.
  14. Jbraun2828

    Just bought a GT350!

    You will not have brake fade on this car, good luck and have fun
  15. Jbraun2828

    Struggling... Upgrade my 2016 Tech Pack to Track car, or sell/trade and buy 2016 Track Pack or 2017 or newer model

    Good luck, hopefully everything works out. I think you’re making the right decision.
  16. Jbraun2828

    Just bought a GT350!

    i would put some camber plates in, swap the tires and call it good. The stock brakes are totally fine unless your tracking every weekend. Isn’t this car for your kids to drive occasionally? This car is very capable 100 percent stock and it takes a lot of skill before wheels and brakes are...
  17. Jbraun2828

    Tennessee Sold 2019 GT350

    That’s a really good deal! If you go any lower you might as well trade it in on something else. Dealer offered me 54k for my 19 with 5k miles.
  18. Jbraun2828

    Stock GT350 Brake Pads on Backorder

    Would be great if that guy would ship them
  19. Jbraun2828

    Struggling... Upgrade my 2016 Tech Pack to Track car, or sell/trade and buy 2016 Track Pack or 2017 or newer model

    Obviously the R would be the best option but also the most expensive. Your going to need another 20k after you sell your car. That makes the $5,700 to upgrade your current car not sound so bad. Having said that, I would look for a 2017 or newer car that was built right from the factory. You can...