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  1. ronv95

    Unleashed Tuning

    Switched to NGuage from X4 with zero issues, responds almost instantly to emails 24/7 couldn't ask for better support. 53,000+ miles and zero issues.
  2. ronv95

    Fluctuating Air-to-Fuel Ratio

    make sure there is no exhaust leak at your downpipe
  3. ronv95

    Building the motor before going big turbo

    I asked where it was at when you guys were at the mod nationals here in what was or is getting done to it :)
  4. ronv95

    CAI for Ecoboost - Open vs. Closed Box

    Did the guy who designed this for you guys use to work at AIRAID?
  5. ronv95

    Unleashed Tuning

    best SCT tuner out there, 40k plus with zero issues and fastest customer service
  6. ronv95

    50,000 miles

    I'm still little behind, had car since OCT14 and just rolled 42k...Unleashed since 10k...all about proper maintenance.
  7. ronv95

    2.3 Mustang Ecoboost Lightweight Billet Water Pump Pulley from MMR

    I did the MMR waterpump pulley last week it was simple enough. You still going to do all of them?
  8. ronv95

    Cavalli Turbo......

    Late July target release
  9. ronv95

    Cavalli Turbo......

    This is response I got directly from Cavalii today: Hi Ron. Yes. We are just waiting on the foundry to send our covers to us.
  10. ronv95

    Boomba Weighted Shift Knob

    sold. thanks.
  11. ronv95

    Boomba Weighted Shift Knob

  12. ronv95

    Boomba Weighted Shift Knob

    $45 shipped
  13. ronv95

    Unleashed Tuning

    Any update on being able to adjust for tire changes? SCT still insists it can be done but no matter what I change the revolutions to the speedometer is still off the same. Thanks.
  14. ronv95

    EB Mustang Exhaust sound Clip thread.

    I'll get one up for you tonight.
  15. ronv95

    EB Mustang Exhaust sound Clip thread.

    [ame=""] Catless DP/Flowmaster American Thunder Catback
  16. ronv95

    Stock wastegate vs turbo smart

    Looks like no gapped plugs for that guy!