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  1. Diocletian

    Crazy idle and AFR fluctuations, no cel

    Definitely a vacuum leak. Check near the airbox and all hoses. I uploaded a pic I found that should help a little
  2. Diocletian

    What's your current milage at?

    2018 GT, purchased June of 2018 Currently sitting at 8,686 miles. 5500 of those miles I did in the first 6 months, then purchased another vehicle for daily driving so now it's lucky to see 150 miles a MONTH lol.
  3. Diocletian

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Washed and waxed it last week. Today i put in on the battery tender. Maybe I’ll take it out Friday to celebrate making bonus this quarter(11 quarters in a row even!). Everything needs to hurry and open up!
  4. Diocletian

    Share Your Joyrides During COVID_19 Isolation

    Holy shit I used to live in that area 9 years ago, doesn’t look like it’s changed at all. I still go down to Davie/Plantation from time to time to see family
  5. Diocletian

    Weird idling

    Check for vacuum leaks. I chased this exact gremlin for MONTHS, replaced battery, MAF, thought it was an issue with my tune, with gas quality, intake filter. Turn out I had a vacuum leak at the airbox, fixed it and haven't had a single issue since.
  6. Diocletian

    S550 to first car... can you remember them all?

    Being 36 this should be easy: 2018 Mustang GT(current) 2006 Toyota 4Runner(current daily) 2004 Nissan Xterra 2015 VW Golf R 2013 Audi S4 2013 Lancer Evolution X(still sad I sold this) 2009 Nissan 370z 2008 VW GTI 2002 VW GTI 1999 Ford Expedition 1999 BMW 328i
  7. Diocletian

    It's been a while... Figured I'd re-introduce myself! Parker Performance / RTR Spec 5

    I'm out that way visiting a friend who lives in Hudson from time to time. I'll have to check out the shop sometime!
  8. Diocletian

    Got the Vehicle Registration Renewal Form Yesterday

    $46 a year to renew in Florida
  9. Diocletian

    2019 5.0 What’s sounds great?

    Borla ATAK, hands down for me, mine turns heads and gets the thumbs up where-ever I go. AWE Track cat-back is a close 2nd.
  10. Diocletian

    What's broke so far?

    2018 Mustang GT 10 speed with 8500 miles. Bought new, so far this is what has gone wrong: 1) Randomly stalled while moving, at 1200 miles. ‘Fixed’ by software update 2) Blown door speaker. Replaced at 4K miles. 3) Same speaker blew again at 5000 miles. Gave up and purchased higher quality part...
  11. Diocletian

    Idle goes rough randomly. Stock tune..

    Towards the bottom, back left corner of the airbox
  12. Diocletian

    Idle goes rough randomly. Stock tune..

    My idle, rough start, misfire issues were caused by a vacuum leak, stock airbox had a small crack in it just enough to screw with the MAF. Replaced under warranty, all issues gone
  13. Diocletian

    Air to Fuel Ratio - What's the Point?

    Mine hits up to 15.1 at idle for a split second at times. I’m still chasing issues with my new car, Ford and my tuner haven’t had any answers it sucks
  14. Diocletian

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Actually drove the damn thing. It's been sitting in my garage for 2 months with various issues. Got it running and driving again and drove it to work for the first time in 8 months!
  15. Diocletian

    Car will not stay running

    Well too be frank, it was because it wouldn’t start that it went that long. I usually drive it once a week. Should be better now that I got a battery tender and the E85 out of the tank this time though!
  16. Diocletian

    Car will not stay running

    Swapped back to flex on a whim. Start starts up, runs fine, wrench is gone and driveability is back, FINALLY! Going to fill it up with 93 today and back over to the 93 tune. Looks like everything is good for now, I’m going to drive the hell out of it today as I’ve missed driving it for 2 months!
  17. Diocletian

    Car will not stay running

    Yep. It's 100% a fuel issue. I just need to finish burning off the last of the E85. After disconnecting the MAF it turns on, I let it get up to temperature. Run idle for another 5 min then reconnected the MAF. Let the idle stabilize then turned it off, then on while the MAF was connected and it...
  18. Diocletian

    Car will not stay running

    I did this and stated so a couple posts back, still doesn't work
  19. Diocletian

    Car will not stay running

    Going to have a friend look it over with me one last time before it gets flatbedded to ford tomorrow. Just going to snap the throttle open for a bit after it fires up and hold it to see if it stays running. Hopefully it goes and I can burn off the rest of the bad/old/mixed gas and probably bring...
  20. Diocletian

    Car will not stay running

    That's looking like the only thing it could be, just wish there was an easy way to test it besides just buying new ones and swapping them. I'm gonna fully charge the battery as it was down to 11.7v. The info from the PIDs I could see on the ngauge I don't notice anything else wrong. Fuel...