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  1. Nawsad123

    Down payment

    Depreciation and inflation would be things to think about. The minute you drive that car off the lot, you will lose 10-20%. Mu suggestion is to put up as much as you can upfront for a couple reasons. - it will lower your monthly payment by putting money down - think of putting money down a sort...
  2. Nawsad123

    Pennsylvania 2015-2021 Ford Mustang Side Scoops - Magnetic Metallic - CODE J7 - Roush MMD GT500 GT

    Send a picture in the black if available. Want to see if they match the hopd scoops and spoiler
  3. Nawsad123

    What's so Special about a California???????

    What window louvers are you using
  4. Nawsad123

    Post pictures of your animals

    Loving his coat! Good looking fella
  5. Nawsad123

    Post pictures of your animals

    What kind of breed is that?
  6. Nawsad123

    Post pictures of your animals

    Meet Mowgli. King of my jungle lol
  7. Nawsad123

    18 GT Vortech V3 dyno #’s 😳

    Uograding cams might help a little with the power uptop, but yea the v3 blower has its limitations right around 800rwhp
  8. Nawsad123

    18 GT Vortech V3 dyno #’s 😳

    Any belt slip with the 3.33 pulley? I have a 3.61 pulley and want to go smaller once i do e85
  9. Nawsad123

    Velgen VMB9's

    Not the best tire if your putting power down. I catch myself slipping in 2nd going 50mph and pushing WOT. Could be stickier in my opinion
  10. Nawsad123

    Velgen VMB9's

    I have the Velgen VMB5 with a set of G2s as well. The wheels I love, cant say that about the tire...
  11. Nawsad123

    Cars & Coffee - Chicago March 7th

    If enough interest from the locals here, down to setup a meet spot and then roll out together! Looking for some interest between now and Sunday.
  12. Nawsad123

    Cars & Coffee - Chicago March 7th

    Cars and Coffe in Schaumburg Il next Sunday March 7th Who's In??
  13. Nawsad123


    Next Sunday guys!! Cars and Coffee in Schaumburg. Whos going?
  14. Nawsad123

    Velgen VF5 or P51 101RF

    Velgen VMB5 20' is what i have and love them!
  15. Nawsad123

    How many miles have you saved since COVID hit?

    About 5k! Mustang has been sitting pretty the past yr, put on about 3.5k in 2020 and 0 so far in 2021
  16. Nawsad123

    LUND racing divorcing SCT tuners

    HP tuners has been around for a long time, early 2000's
  17. Nawsad123

    Experiences with dryers

    Water squeegie + leaf blower + towel work perfectly