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  1. AdrianMAK

    Mak cat delete performance pipe exhaust setup with magnaflow 12599 resonated X muffler

    Shoot us some videos when you have this setup done. it should work great and sound should be what you want. Id love to hear it though Im not sure I have heard this particular combo.
  2. AdrianMAK

    Need Cat deletes but no increase in sound volume

    The 3" connection keep in mind you will have to fabricate the connection to the Borla. If a shop is installing it, it should not be a big issue. Its a simple straight piece of pipe. High Flow Cats would not be an issue at all.
  3. AdrianMAK

    E85 and Cats..... keep or delete? Help!

    That would still require you remove the pipes from the car and would leave you with restrictive piping and flex. If you go through the trouble you can put a set of our MAK pipes on it, pick up all the power and tone, and with our return to stock option you can bolt your factory stuff back in...
  4. AdrianMAK

    Stock exhaust with a cat delete - anyone have?

    With stock catback its more than tolerable. Its really mild. Which is a great way to start. Its easier to get the sound you want starting like that than the other way around. Going offroad makes some catbacks unbearable.
  5. AdrianMAK

    MAK Cat Delete Pipes

    Unfortunately, we have our hands tied with the Cali laws. We would really like to be selling to California, but the red tape is crazy. If we can help in any other way please feel free to ask.
  6. AdrianMAK

    MAK Cat Delete Pipes

    We have since upgraded out provided gasket. We now include an OEM Multi-Layer gasket, so there are no more concerns about leaks or sealing. Unfortunately can't help on where to get it done, but most exhaust shops should be more than capable.
  7. AdrianMAK

    Cat delete muffler options

    We get that question alot, going catless on a Coyote really makes them scream. If you are trying to avoid rasp, check out the LTH Axleback or Catback. We run that personally on our Yellow Gen2 Car also Catless, its very tolerable, deep, and no rasp. I daily drive that car. Shoot us a PM we would...
  8. AdrianMAK

    Getting low end from a centri ?

    Going waste gated I think is beyond the scope of what the OP is looking for. A WG car may make more torque than a non-WG one, but too many other variables to say it will definitely be faster. Our yellow GEN2 Procharged car makes a measly 520Ft-Lbs of Torque yet lays down consistent low 1.4s...
  9. AdrianMAK

    Getting low end from a centri ?

    Lots of opinions but not a lot of help. Ill ask you the same thing we ask every customer who poses that question. What hangup do you have about the low-end on a Centri. Whats your ultimate power goal? We could get you into any of those systems, but would love to pick your brain on your mindset...
  10. AdrianMAK

    2015-2020 Mustang GT Cat Delete Pipes: First To Market and The Original Cat Deletes

    Quick Update on our performance pipes as we have made a few changes over time: We now include a Passenger Side OEM Gasket for the Driver's Side Pipe as part of our kit at no additional cost. This will ensure the best seal possible. We have been doing this for awhile but had not updated on...
  11. AdrianMAK

    Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    With us in particular, no the knock sensors have a specific job, that job does not include adding in timing for a KC. We are adjusting the for the KC independently.
  12. AdrianMAK

    Need Cat deletes but no increase in sound volume

    The G-Sport UHO Cats that we use are pretty damn durable. We have had them now in various applications from 600-1000HP cars and Trucks going on a few years now. All Coyote Powered. They are rated at 800HP per bank. We haven't tried many other resonator muffler types. The options are endless...
  13. AdrianMAK

    Tune needed for MAK cat deletes?

    A little late but They can be run with no tune, although one is recommended for maximum gains, the option to not run one is available. For the guys buying them 2nd hand, we can get you guys just the gaskets and flanges if needed, that come include in our New kits. If anyone has any questions...
  14. AdrianMAK

    Need Cat deletes but no increase in sound volume

    A little late on the reply but an option that hasn't been discussed. We offer our pipes with High flow cats,. If you want to keep the noise down but want the power then that may be an option to consider. The term "Cat Delete" is slightly misleading and confusing when the guys who make them now...
  15. AdrianMAK

    E85 and Cats..... keep or delete? Help!

    E85 doesn't require you remove the cats. Thankfully we also offer an option so that you can pick up all the power, stay legal, and keep the noise down if that's needed/desired. We have slowly been rolling out G-Sport Catalytics into our options. This allows the guys who need to stay legal the...
  16. AdrianMAK

    Question for guys who actually have the the Roush Kit

    That Killer Chiller is giving the catted guy a huge help. Catted v. Non Catted we have done here back to back with our pipes, and they pickup over 40RWHP. Same dyno same day on a supercharged car. That Killer Chiller is making up a lot of ground for the catted guy. Probably helping keep the cats...
  17. AdrianMAK

    Anyone have experience with Mak custom tunes?

    Hey bud, would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Shoot us a PM or an email. We got deals this week as well. Everything is on sale.
  18. AdrianMAK

    Vibrant resonators

    This has become popular with our race pipes lately. They work much better in the pipe towards the front than in the rear from what we have seen. Keep in mind that your muffler selection will play a big part in this as well. We have welded them in towards the rear of the catback on Corsa...