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  1. Steeda Sets New World Record - UPDATE - 9.787 @141.22 mph

    I myself would not want to know everything thats done to anyone's car, when a record is set, if its claimed as a stock engine, well its a stock engine record, as long as you know the weight of the car, thats very important. Its up to each person trying to set records to decide on how to build a...
  2. S550 Race Weight

    My car is really close to a full build now, the heater/ AC removed, no wipers, crash bars in the doors removed, manual rack, lightened front subframe. no exhaust, Baer brakes, Race Wheels / Tires, C/F driveshaft, and a full cro moly cage, that was 85 lbs. I kept a lot of the stuff in the car...
  3. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    Your smart not going on FB, its a time trap, but there is some cool stuff on there at times.
  4. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    I don't have a picture handy , below is a link to my own FB page if any of you are interested in following my car. Im on the quest for 8s and 150 mph in 2020. I know its a 4 cyl Ecoboost car, but I get along with everyone and its an S550. There are pictures of the car on there. Thanks ...
  5. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    I hate to say it but to run a 15" wheel we really need to buy those AED spindles, but over 2k I cant justify at this time. It seems that the tires we need to run, or that fit well, we need a 10" wheel at minimum. I ran my 275/60s at 18 psi and the outer 2" of both sides was not even seeing a...
  6. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    One side barely hit that lug on the lower arm, took me forever to find where it was hitting, still need to grind the lug off. I bought the Steeda adjustable camber arms, I can set the camber to whatever I want really. I have it at Zero now. The car has Steeda rear drag springs so its lowered a...
  7. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    It's an auto, works fine, I'm using a 275/60/15 tire and the wheel is really a bit narrow, but I've been 1.36 60 ft , would prefer a wider wheel nut it's my only option unless I go to the aed spindles. I'm gonna try some 17s and see which works better.
  8. RT-S S71 15x9 with Baer brakes

    I have that set up.
  9. Hoosier Drag Bracket Radial 28 x 10.50R17 vs MT ET Street R 305/45/17

    Im using the 275/60/15 DR2 right now which I bet is a similar tire compound and construction wise. Ive got it on a 9" wheel and im seeing the wheel is not wide enough, but the tire still works very well. I might have to try the above tire and go to a 10.5" wheel in the 17s. I think thats gonna...
  10. It's like a ghost town in here....-

    Im up near Auburn. We have a good group on FB called Let's Break Some Ecoboosts, we do a lot of talking on there, if your looking to ask questions go on there, lots of good tech.
  11. It's like a ghost town in here....-

    I ran a 9.75 at 140, full street car. The is a small group of us that still push these really hard, no one posts on here anymore.
  12. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    Believe it or not the engine is still pretty basic. The block is out of I think a Lincoln MKZ, its called the TS block, its actually a 2.0 block, all the 2.3 stuff bolts right onto it. All that's done to it is bigger head studs to keep the head from bouncing off the deck, pistons and rods are...
  13. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    Vehicle, Trim, DRAG MODE USE Y/N & Options: 2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost 4 cyl. Performance Pack / Premium Modifications (if any): Lund Racing Tune ( Jon ) Built Engine, Built Trans , Transbrake, Circle D Convertor , Turbo Kit by Performance Welding with Garrett Turbo , Methonol Injection , Pump...
  14. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    Hey Maybe I can be part of this list ? Im one of the last men standing with a 4 cyl car and have run really well at a 9.92 at 3600 lbs. Maybe you can just add the 4 cyl cars to this list, or at least the ones that run well ?
  15. Stock Turbo 10 Second Ecoboost Mustang

    Its an auto car, sadly no video, im sure someone at the track has one, but I was alone. Esslinger Engineering did this engine.Thanks to everyone, it was a lot of work, hope to be in the 9s big turbo soon enough, will report back.
  16. Stock Turbo 10 Second Ecoboost Mustang

    The best on the big turbo was a 10.19 at almost 134 mph. Im going back to the big turbo now, wanna get it into the 9s as a street car. With the 150 lbs off the car it should do it without Lund getting more aggressive with the tune. Other then that no goals, just to make it a consistent 9 second...
  17. Stock Turbo 10 Second Ecoboost Mustang

    I dont get on this Forum much anymore. I have been running my Big Turbo for a long time now and went back to the stock turbo for the challenge to get into the 10s. Car weight is 3600 lbs with driver Little Turbo is maxed out but still ticking. This is with a built engine on E85, all the bells...
  18. Vargas Stage 2 turbo

    I PMd you, id like to buy it. Thanks
  19. Have you blown an engine? If so, what rod (cylinder) failed?

    I would sell my new Esslinger engine for what ive got in it if anyone is interested, its a full build, sleeved, welded block, ported head, built to take as much power as you can give it. I think ive got about 9k in it, its sitting on the floor ready to go, they even broke it in on the dyno. PM...