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  1. aileron

    Bullitt vs. M440i

    If they'd run a M2C, a GT350 or GT350R would have been a more appropriate comparison. A Bullitt and M2C is like chalk and cheese.
  2. aileron

    Bullitt vs. M440i

    Yep, the BMW is a twin turbo 3 liter 6 with a ton of torque down low. If the Bullitt had a closer selection of gears in the MT-82 it would do even better; I think 5th is 1:1 in my 440
  3. aileron

    Bullitt vs. M440i

    I own both a '19 Bullitt and an '17, 6-speed manual M-Sport 440xi with track handling package and Dinan Stage 1 tune. There's no question the Bullitt is more fun to drive around like a hooligan, but there's no way the Bullitt handles like the BMW. Both cars have fresh Michi PS4 . It's like the...
  4. aileron

    How many Bullitt owners wished they had Grey or any other color Calipers?

    Yep, if my Bullitt was black I'd have kept the calipers red.
  5. aileron

    Bullitt owners only - How old are you?

    I turned 70 on Valentine's Day. 2019 Bullitt with about 8,000 miles
  6. aileron

    Just bought a 2020 Bullitt

    You'll be glad you swapped out the Michi PS4S - not only are they greasy when cold, they can be permanently damaged by running them in ~30'ish weather.
  7. aileron

    Bullitt "Dog Bowl" exorcised

    Better tell Porsche to stop painting their calipers yellow 🤔 I decided on Audi Nardo gray, but *almost* went with Porsche yellow. Had my Bullitt been black, the calipers would have definitely stayed red.
  8. aileron

    Bullitt "Dog Bowl" exorcised

    ^^^ The OE panel comes off easily; but the plain FP back panel has a couple of plastic tabs that need to be ground off. Look in the middle of this thread, there's a pic. My Bullitt trunk lid didn't have holes for the tabs on the Ford Performance panel. Easy fix, but it definitely didn't fit...
  9. aileron

    How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    I've never seen another one on the road, but do know there is at least one other S550 Bullitt in Montana
  10. aileron

    Transmission feels like crap when cold on the first few shifts

    👍 You'll be surprised the difference a set of all season, all weather or winter tires will make. I once removed the winter set from the Bullitt a month too early, and couldn't get back up my driveway!! A bonus - you and your car will be much safer.
  11. aileron

    Transmission feels like crap when cold on the first few shifts

    If you're really sporting Michi PS4S in 20* weather I guarantee some of the judder from dead stop is the tries protesting, not your clutch. Do a little investigating on Michelin's warning about these specific summer tires (not generic summer tires) in temps < 40*F
  12. aileron

    Bullitt decklid panel - anyone replaced it?

    Looks great VooDoo! I've tried a lot of treatments on the ass end, but keep coming back to the FP panel and 2001 Ford logo lettering. Absolute perfect fit and quality, and looks dead stock. I'm keeping all the OE parts I've pulled off for the next caretaker of K1191 in case they like the dogbowl...
  13. aileron

    Show me you and your Mustang out having fun in the winter snow!!

    my '19 Bullitt out having fun in the snow
  14. aileron

    Winter wheels that fit our Bullitt's

    This might help. Actually, the two smaller "width" are W÷2. Offset is the distance from the hub mounting face to the centerline of the wheel .
  15. aileron

    Tramline much?

    A little more toe will help eliminate tramlining - shoot for the max permissible toe on each side. I think the spec is 0.20* ± 0.20* so somewhere just under 0.40* It will drive great, but you'll scrub the outside edges of the tires a bit.
  16. aileron

    All season tires recommendation for 20 Bullitt to go thru mild winter.

    To address your specific question, I've had multiple sets of both the Conti's and Michi's you note. Both are good; the DWS better in light snow and the Michi's are better in the dry. The DWS 06 are quieter and ride a little smoother. No bad choice on your two options, both are great tires.
  17. aileron

    Transmission Gear Oil

    When you've owned both Bavarian and Chinese manufactured MT-82 cars, come back and tell me there's no differences. It's clear you haven't used SS II in your MT-82 , so when you can speak with experience please come back and let us know after you've swapped your factory fill with whatever you...
  18. aileron

    Transmission Gear Oil

    This has worked really well for many in our Chinese Getrag MT-82's, including mine. First time using this for me, I normally use Redline MTL in my manual transmissions, but the SS II has a good reputation with the Mustang community...