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  1. boB

    When did Ford change the recommended engine oil for the GT?

    Maybe some clearances were changed to eliminate the tick (oooh, I said "tick"...) and to maintain the same oil pressure it took 5W-30.
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    Sound tube

    I still write assembly code for PICs. :) Mandatory Mustang content: sound valve open/sound valve closed/sound symposer removed; it doesn't matter when the active exhaust is in "track" mode. ;)
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    Sound tube

    Oooh, that's cold! ;) Back to the OP, valve it! Green thing lower right, cheap and easy.
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    Advice for a near-future owner?

    Take a look at the thread " Need your opinion! What year GT? "
  5. boB

    Need your opinion! What year GT?

    2019 manual has rev-match which is a nice feature that can't be added to previous years. Correcting the wimpy horn is inexpensive and not difficult.
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    BBQ tick :(

  7. boB

    narrowest garage door the s550 fits through

    I park my 2019 under a lift with 7' 6" spacing. That leaves a few inches on each side but it takes precision parking to get it right so I use range markers.
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    BBQ tick :(

    Since the days of flat tappets ended I have not seen any verified information that automakers are adding break-in supplements to the oil. I did not mean to be condescending, it was purely sarcastic. I do not doubt anyone who claims their engine ticks (mine makes a lot of different noises) but...
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    BBQ tick :(

    What this means is: Ford has a special oil that they put in all V8 Mustangs at Flat Rock; Ford does not sell this oil nor do they allow their dealers to order it, the dealers are stuck with regular MotorCraft semi-syn 5W-20 which we know makes the engines tick; Ford knows their special oil...
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    Jack / Jack Stands ?

    Caterpillar doesn't make much from aluminum and they call anything less than 1" thick "sheet metal". ;)
  11. boB

    Which oil do you guys use?

    That is what is recommended, that is what it is shipped with. Can't go wrong! :)
  12. boB

    Which oil do you guys use?

    I have used Mobil 1 for years but like you I now look for whatever name brand is on sale. Recently that has been Pennzoil Platinum (not ultra) and I stay with Ford's spec of 5W-20 and a Motorcraft filter.
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    First Oil Change And The "Tick"

    A number of members have weighed in on this in previous threads. No one has found anything that indicates there is a special factory oil fill. I inspected the original oil when I changed it, even cut open the filter, it looked/smelled/felt like just oil.
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    Jack / Jack Stands ?

    It's Caterpillar, it's strong! :)
  15. boB

    Jack / Jack Stands ?

    Yep, right up until the pinch weld cracked the concrete block in half. No more!
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    Mustang GT Daily Driver, with MagneRide

    From MaskedRacerX: "MR is pretty spectacular, not only does it perform better, but it does that WHILE improving the overall ride quality, it does things like adapt rebound on the fly (so you don't get that bouncy rebound in uneven roads), etc. " Yep, all of that! It was $$ in 2019 and is even...
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    Jack / Jack Stands ?

    A lift is less $$ and trouble but you have to have the ceiling height for it.
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    FL-500-S Changed ?

    Update: went to the local Walmart that did not have filters a week ago. They now have a batch and all of them have 14 flutes. Went to Autozone and they had just one but it was 31 flutes so I got it. Ford has a website about counterfeit parts and would like to hear about any we have seen that...
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    Jack / Jack Stands ?

    Wow! Now *that's* a jackstand pin! :)
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    Which mod should i go with first

    Here's a concept: run it like it is for awhile and get some performance numbers for a baseline. The when you start changing things (and only one at a time) you can tell what works and what only costs $$ but doesn't help performance. I see too many threads about " I did xxx and now yyy doesn't...