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  1. Five Oh Brian

    Official Performance Pack Level 2

    Cloth Recaros are a no-cost option on the '18 301A PP2. Leather Recaros are a $1695 option on the '18 401A PP2.
  2. Five Oh Brian

    Finally a Pic that makes the 2018 Look Amazing

    I love the stance with the PP2. Not a Race Red fan, but that '18 looks awesome! Can't wait to see the 18's in person!
  3. Five Oh Brian

    Which converter for daily & some strip use

    I have a Circle D 4E converter that flashes to 5,000 rpm's. Car runs 11.40's in the 1/4 mile. It's also a great daily driver. I love a stalled auto on the street!
  4. Five Oh Brian

    End of the Day - 2018 Purchase

    "Best" price isn't always the best deal. You should also consider how much each dealer will give you for your trade in. How much are any dealer fees? What kind of finance rate/terms does each offer? Pricing for any extras you might want (i.e. prepaid maintenance or extended service plans)...
  5. Five Oh Brian

    *MT-82 upgraded* but what does it mean ?

    My '11 5.0L Brembo GT had the MT-82. Hated it! Clutch stuck to the floor sometimes, notchy shifting when cold, hanging up at redline shifts, etc. It improved slightly with a fluid change (per the Ford TSB) and an MGW Ltd shifter, but still a bad trans, IMHO. The T5 in my '89 5.0L LX was...
  6. Five Oh Brian

    My Take at Grille Lights

    Nick, I really like how it turned out! Would love to see you add an tri-bar emblem in the center of the grill to really finish off the retro look.
  7. Five Oh Brian

    August 2017 Mustang Sales

    Just relaying what Ford is telling us at the dealership level for training.
  8. Five Oh Brian

    August 2017 Mustang Sales

    They are switching to PI/DI every time they update an engine.
  9. Five Oh Brian

    Which is the best dealership in the Seattle area?

    Bickford is a very nice dealership, no doubt about it. I work for Bowen Scarff Ford in Kent and wanted to clear up a couple of things from your post.... Bickford is not the biggest Mustang dealer in the state. #1 is Ford of Kirkland and Bowen Scarff is #2 typically, from year to year...
  10. Five Oh Brian

    August 2017 Mustang Sales

    Ford is keeping port injection to provide better idle, part throttle, and fuel economy, not to mention washing the backs of the valve to prevent carbon buildup. Direct injection benefits power production. I seriously doubt Ford will go DI only based on the benefits of having both.
  11. Five Oh Brian

    August 2017 Mustang Sales

    I knew what your point was. You see, I used to be a manual transmission snob. In fact, 6 of the 8 Mustangs that I've owned were manual transmissions. Then I learned just how intoxicating an automatic can feel with a big stall converter, and now I've seen the light! The stall converter in my...
  12. Five Oh Brian

    roll cage on 9.99 and faster?

    I run at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA and Bremerton Raceway in Port Orchard, WA. Both are sticklers for enforcing the NHRA rule book. Looks like you're in Olympia. Have you had a chance to run your '16 at either track? Are you modded to the point where you'll need a rollbar or rollcage yet...
  13. Five Oh Brian

    roll cage on 9.99 and faster?

    Our local tracks enforce the rollbar and rollcage rules very tightly. Ford vehicles built in the last ten plus years have what Ford calls "safety cell construction." While not a "rollbar", it emulates one pretty well by diverting crash forces above, below, and around the passenger compartment.
  14. Five Oh Brian

    August 2017 Mustang Sales

    3.5 seconds in my automatic '14 GT. What's your point?
  15. Five Oh Brian

    August 2017 Mustang Sales

    Well, that's not very nice. I've owned my Challenger Scat Pack for a year now and have had zero problems. My Mustang GT has been pretty darn reliable, as well, and it has survived over 300 passes down our local dragstrips running mid-11's, so it has certainly not been babied. I think Dodge...
  16. Five Oh Brian

    Dealer told me there are no deals on 2017

    Leasing works out very well on many Ford vehicles, including EcoBoost Mustangs. However, Mustang GT's don't have very good lease terms. 3 of the 4 cars in my driveway are leased; you just have to compare the terms for leasing vs loans on any vehicle you're considering.
  17. Five Oh Brian

    Dealer told me there are no deals on 2017

    0% for 72 months 8.21.17 - 9.05.17 here in the Pacific NW + $1,000 trade assistance rebate if you have a 1995+ trade-in. Or, skip the 0% and get a $2,500 rebate with any other lender (but no trade assistance rebate).
  18. Five Oh Brian

    Pros and cons of s197 vs s550 help

    S197 = drag car. S550 = road racer / daily driver.
  19. Five Oh Brian

    HELP -- What would you do? 2017 Mustang GT or Dodge Challenger SRT ------------------

    OP, you should buy both cars - Mustang GT and a Challenger 392. Both are great cars for slightly different reasons. My Challenger Scat Pack weighs 500 lbs more than my Mustang GT (weighed on the same local truck scales), yet handles & stops better than my standard suspension GT. Challenger...
  20. Five Oh Brian

    Dealer told me there are no deals on 2017

    There is NOT a rebate on a '17 Mustang GT if you lease - only if you pay cash or finance. Also, Ford doesn't have any special lease rates on GT's - just the EcoBoost & V6 models. And, incentives often vary around the nation. Here in the NW, we get a $2,000 rebate when you pay cash or...