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  1. bjstang

    Kid street racing runs over women and child

    It’s the kid’s fault. Yeah, maybe the parents should have bought him a hay truck instead of a car, but it’s still his fault. My boys went through Driver’s Ed at 15.5 years old and after they turned 16, both drove an old pickup. At 16.5 years old they were both driving off the showroom floor new...
  2. bjstang

    Error When Adding Quotes

    It happens when I'm trying to quote a portion of a post, but not when quoting the entire message.
  3. bjstang

    Anyone else really struggle with glass?

    Rubbing alcohol and crumpled up news print (black no colored cartoon stuff). Squirt the alcohol on the loosely crumpled paper and wipe the window clean. It doesn't scratch nor contain the chemicals that paper towels have. Buff with a microfiber, place the car in the sun and look for missed...
  4. bjstang

    Drilling and structural integrity question

    Holes drilled in the spots marked won't hurt anything. One bolt on the rear portion in the center is all that is needed. There will be a bolt already place there. Just remove and use it on the seat delete. You will find the corners on both sides at the rear portion of the bottom seat sets...
  5. bjstang

    Sound tube

    Such reckless dis-regard. It’s only a bit of rubber, a trumpet, a foam pad, and a diaphragm, that makes the fallopian tube what it is. It doesn’t deserve to be treated so rough. :wink: That's correct. Many who claim the sound tube delete "cleans up" or "de-clutters" the engine bay post up...
  6. bjstang

    Lorne34 Shelby GT350 Build: MESTENO

    Looking great Lorne! Need to try some of the Griots Foaming Surface Wash and their foam cannon. We use the Meguires Gold Car Wash too, works pretty good.
  7. bjstang

    Sound tube

    The plug is quite a bit bigger than the hole.
  8. bjstang

    Sound tube

    Removing the fallopian tube does leave a hole, at the firewall that should be plugged, many don't do it. It's doubtful that all who pulled the tube loose from the firewall installed the plug. If buffeting was an issue they would be plugging it. Not my pic, that compartment is dirty.
  9. bjstang

    Sound tube

    Nope, I'm understanding, just responding to this. If you already know how a sound tube works, there's nothing to try to picture... correct?? We get buffeting in the windy state of Oklahoma all the time in every car we own, doesn't have anything to do with a sound tube, it's impossible.
  10. bjstang

    Sound tube

    Here's how it works, vibrations from air. Piping in a Little Engine Music by TIM MORAN FEB. 26, 2009 IT looks like nothing more than a black plastic tube with a bulge at one end, but without it the driver of a 2010 Ford Mustang GT might feel he has a lot less than 540 horsepower at his...
  11. bjstang

    Sound tube

    The windows won't roll up.... could be a blown fuse. :wink:
  12. bjstang

    Sound tube

    It's the same sound as plugging it or pulling it off. It blocks the air from going across the diaphragm when closed, or you have the choice of hearing the intake noise with it open.
  13. bjstang

    Sound tube

    Leave it on, pull it off, or stick a valve in it. Sometimes I want to hear the intake sounds paired with the big mouth ram air intake, sometimes I don't. yes
  14. bjstang

    Best way to get bass to pass into cabin from the trunk besides folding the rear seat backs down?

    Add bass ports to the rear shelf. We have done it on several cars but not this one yet. It's on the to-do list. You get the bounce off of the rear window. Opening up a space for the entire seat allows for more, suspension, road, and tire noise. Place sound deadener. Add Polyfill to...
  15. bjstang

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try the 303 stuff.
  16. bjstang

    E Brake Handle

    Which one did you purchase, I may need it, lol. Once you remove the console and shifter the first time, you'll see how easy it is. If you don't want to mess with it and looking for a quick and easy cover you may want to look at this one -...
  17. bjstang

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Was trying to do something for the cars instead of to them. With the warmer weather the garage doors have been open and I noticed some mice droppings scattered here and there. They can destroy a wiring harness in a matter of no time, so I set a couple traps out. They were climbing the moped and...
  18. bjstang

    Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Meh.... "It's got no beat and you can't dance to it" :wink: Gotta' get jiggy wit it. :sunglasses:
  19. bjstang

    Street/Strip Alignment - What works

    May want to look at this one for drag: .05 toe in per side up front, do not exceed .10 total toe .13 toe in per side rear, do not exceed .26 total toe in Rear camber, I like 0....but shoot for 0 to -0.50 range. Thrust angle needs to be zero