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  1. eBay fake Roush spoiler - looks good

    Those lights give me an f12 vibe... Haha I love the stock lights though but it looks nice!!
  2. eBay fake Roush spoiler - looks good

    Well because you get the same exact thing for a cheaper price. I have better things to spend that extra 200$ bucks on. The only reason roush charges that much is because you get their "name" brand. If you deny that it isn't smarter to buy the cheaper spoiler when they do the exact same thing...
  3. eBay fake Roush spoiler - looks good

    Haha, chill out dude. He's allowed to post what he wants, some people don't have the money to dish out 400$ for a spoiler or simply don't want to waste the extra money when the product makes them happy.
  4. Car and driver Camaro vs Mustant GTPP numbers

    I agree, people buy mustangs and leave them untouched. Those are also the people that performance isn't a big deal too. They're happy with the v8 and don't care about 1/4 or 0-60 times. For the people actually worried about performance, well their cars won't be stock. Lol
  5. What to buy?

    Recaros all the way. Except it is absolutely freezing when I get in the car, note I'm from California where cold is 30 degrees so I'm a wimp! Lol
  6. Is it just me or are there no good rear wings?

    The gt500 one was the best, I think the track pack 350 one is really nice too though.
  7. 2.0 Camaro v. 2.3 Mustang

    The 8-speed is really the game changer in the camaro. So the 2.0 will be faster, just because of the ancient transmissions in the mustang.
  8. Car and driver Camaro vs Mustant GTPP numbers

    Yeah, and our hoods long enough already lol
  9. S550 3.7 exhaust/ headers set up help

    Lol troll much? Some guy had a v6 with straight pipes and headers. It sounded pretty good IMO. Probably the cheapest way too.
  10. Trade my 15 GT for focus RS?

    I thought the Eco was rather small? I don't know much on the motors.
  11. 5.0 beat by Q50 hybrid

    Or that manuals are no match for the new autos, I rather not power shift and shorten the life on my tranny to race some q50.
  12. '16 Camaro Reviews are starting to hit the sites.

    Camaro as comfortable as the mustang? What are you smoking? Visibility still didn't change much, maybe a little by the reviews. A lot smaller interior. The mustang is more of a "touring" car.
  13. Why put so much money in a GT if you can buy a GT350?

    Must suck to be the people who paid 30k ADM on the cats when people start getting them below MSRP:headbonk:
  14. Trade my 15 GT for focus RS?

    The AWD would be more practical for you. So let's see... -Saving money -More practical -More unique than a mustang (Don't know how common mustangs are up there :crazy: ) Seems like a good situation and I would trade!
  15. Strangers fondling your car

    I just don't understand why you need to touch a car in the first place... It's just metal you're touching, even if it was carbon fiber... What does touching it get you?
  16. Why put so much money in a GT if you can buy a GT350?

    Well you're a sucker if you pay adm for a car that's not limited production first off. Second I bet you can't get a z06 for lower than 75k or 80k right now. Third, it actually won CoTY beating the z06 and many others. Did I mention it's naturally aspirated ? And cost 48k starting price? 48k vs...
  17. Mercedes-Benz S65 Coupe | V-12 BiTurbo | Vossen Forged VPS-306

    This car is drop dead gorgeous. Good pairing with the wheels.
  18. Ecoboost Vs Mecedes GLE Coupe

    Those x6's are fast in any trim! Most likely a 50 as well. Those suckers move for an SUV.