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  1. Running lean and detonation

    Have you tried cleaning your MAF sensor?
  2. Running lean and detonation

    What octane fuel are you running? I assume since you're in CA, 91? Try adding some octane booster to see if the detonation goes away.
  3. Light smoke/fume oil cap

    Well, yes they vent through the PCV but the vapors are caught by the catch can (if you have one). If not, they're either burnt or accumulated and then deposited in the manifold or another part of the engine.
  4. Light smoke/fume oil cap

    Depending on how much smoke is coming out, it's normal. Especially if you don't have a catch can to catch the vapors.
  5. Knock Passenger Side Valve Cover

    I'd stop running that engine ASAP and take it to the dealer. That sound doesn't sound great...
  6. New Turbo Setup, Codes Codes and more Codes

    Where are the turbos located? Are you able to spin the blade by hand? See if it has any play in any axis. Forced induction is a totally different animal. Since even a small problem can equal a huge discrepancy between how much air the ECU expects vs how much it's getting. Also check the MAF...
  7. WOT Hit then Puff of White Smoke and Low Oil Pressure Light

    You're also going to need to drive it to get all the monitors to a ready state.
  8. New Turbo Setup, Codes Codes and more Codes

    Check all the hoses. It sounds like one of the couplings may have popped off. Go from the turbo all the way to the throttle body. I bet you'll find a massive leak.
  9. WOT Hit then Puff of White Smoke and Low Oil Pressure Light

    AKA try to commit fraud? Wouldn't matter anyway. The dealer would see that there's only a few key cycle on the ECU. That's a telltale sign of a tune.
  10. 2019 Mustang GT Paint Issue (Hood)

    Undercoating will do nothing for galvanic corrosion. Unless you can get the coating in between the steel and aluminum, you can't prevent dissimilar metals from corroding. I'm glad they're giving you a new hood because even if sanded and repainted, that area will always corrode. No way to...
  11. 2019 Mustang GT Paint Issue (Hood)

    Was the hood wet when you took pics? Because there's quite a few paint bubbles I see (besides the edge area) which look like overspray. The bubble on the edge has been happening since mid 2000s. Ford still hasn't gotten their shit together.
  12. Throttle body clicking

    It's not normal and requires replacement.
  13. Time For A New Battery

    I'd watch this and make up your mind. Honestly the Walmart's Everstart Maxx and Autozone's Duralast Gold would be my choice, but the others in the vid aren't too bad either. If you want to save some weight, you can look into lithium battery, but be prepared to spend a few hundred.
  14. Took delivery of a new 2019 gt350r last night. Here's how it showed up...

    Fixing swirl marks is one thing, having to have a shop fix larger scratches is totally unacceptable for a new car. You're being forced to remove parts of the already thin clear coat, leaving you with less material to work with in the future.
  15. Hole in trunk

    Just know that if something stupid is done by the body shop, it's going to be between you and them. The dealer will wash their hands clean once they give the car to them.
  16. Hole in trunk

    I wouldn't bring this back to their body shop. Best case scenario, they decline the work. Worst case scenario, they just put some shitty putty there and touch it up and cause more damage in the process.
  17. MGW shifter breaking shift forks ?

    Ah ok, in that case it's an unrelated mod. I have nothing but awesome things to say about MGW, I'm currently using it in my car.
  18. MGW shifter breaking shift forks ?

    Did you have the grinding noise before you put the MGW in? It sounds like it only happened after you installed the aftermarket shifter. If that's the case, they're 100% in the right to deny the warranty because it sounds like the shifter caused it.
  19. Car seizes

    It depends on what failed on the car. If it overheated and siezed, then maybe they messed up the radiator or fluid. If you damaged something internally in the engine, you'll have a hard time proving the dealership did it.
  20. What could cause multiple MAF sensors to fail?

    Your best bet is to test the MAF plug with a multimeter. Maybe your voltage is too high or too low for the MAF to operate properly. The MAF sensor works by heating up a filament and then detecting the temperature change via measuring the resistance of the filament. If the voltage isn't stable...