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  1. turbo piston

    On a street/drag build, nope. On a road course car, maybe, but these aren't the pistons for that.
  2. Forgestar F14 CF5 CF5V CF10 F15 Rotary Forged Wheels | S550 2015 Mustang fitments

    Looks like Bronze Burst instead of Gunmetal and is this super concave? Square?
  3. turbo piston

    I went Diamond Mod 2k's
  4. Exclusive!! First look at the new Whipple 3.8L Gen 5 Whipple kit!!

    If you paid with a CC, get your money back.
  5. 6R80 Converter Install

    FWIW, I have American Racing headers and didn't remove them. Just had to drop the off-road pipes to get the transmission out.
  6. Jhatley7's Build thread

    Trade ya a 15 with a Whipple. Hahahahaha.
  7. Misfire 5,6,7 & CPS Bank2 after OPG/CG

    It's been a while, but the instructions say something like taking it one turn, then take it to 6 o'clock or something. I only took it to 6 o'clock. There's a flat spot on the cams, I rolled the engine back over, then re-timed it. I wish I could be more help, but it's been almost 3 years.
  8. New BL Fab Single Turbo kit

    Has anyone gotten a kit?
  9. Armageddon TT Owners here?

    @jhatley7 has a kit. I met someone else who had one in person. Looked like a MF'er to work on. Congrats on the car!
  10. 5.4 stroker coyote ?

    Wasn't aware they had QC issues? I really don't want to give MMR any money as it seems their support is non-existent. They're happy to take your money though...
  11. 5.4 stroker coyote ?

    It's just a hone, not a typical bore. .005" isn't that much. Also, Boundary OPG/CG is on sale for $239 vs the $270 for MMR.
  12. 5.4 stroker coyote ?

    Well I got good news. Machinist called me this morning. Block _will_ clean up at .005". So gonna send it. Will have stock crank, Molnar Power Adder Rods and Diamond Mod2k pistons. I can tell you, it's definitely cheaper to use a Gen 3 block than what I have in machine work. Live in and learn...
  13. 5.4 stroker coyote ?

    I should have picked up a Gen 3 block. My '12 block won't clean up at .005" over so I'm stuck sleeving it. For a rods/pistons build, the Gen 3 block seems to be the way to go.
  14. 5.4 stroker coyote ?

    I'm curious how much boost you could push through a 3.700" bore. Wonder what the thickness is at that bore. Impression I get is that if you want a lot of boost, you stick with the stock bore.
  15. Pully size at 6000ft [HELP]

    Beefcake definitely knows his shit when it comes to Vortech. You're probably in good hands. Whoever is tuning it will definitely watch the logs early on.
  16. Pully size at 6000ft [HELP]

    I don't know about the Vortech, but for my Whipple this is what I got from Dustin 5000' - 6000' .25 - .375 smaller LT's .5 - 1.0 less boost Max Diameter Pump Gas (93) 3.25" @ altitude I'd hope whoever you bought the kit from would offer some guidance. If not, pick another dealer. Just my $.02...
  17. New PB!! 9.01 at 150 Maxed out the P1SC..

    What's the car weigh? Makes me want to ditch my Whipple for a Procharger.
  18. Vortech jtb vs on3 single 80

    When you say built motor, do you mean sleeved or just rods/pistons? Stock valve springs?
  19. Bad pump e85 to c85 OMG.. and boost readings

    I picked up 8MPH with C85 changing nothing vs pump e-85