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  1. Clutch install

    Anyone in here install clutches? Shoot me a quote and lets make it happen. Thanks.
  2. Need Help

    I have a 2017 gt 6 speed with 80,000. Recently the car has alot of tension midway through clutch engagement as if its getting caught on something and in some instances gets completely stuck to the point I have to force it by pressing down violently on the clutch pedal . Its only midway through...
  3. Any local mechanics?

    Serpentine belt. Due to motor mount being gone and resting on the lower sway bar.
  4. Any local mechanics?

    Also noteworthy is, the same time the car over heated, instantaneously the "charging system" maintenance light came on as well.
  5. Any local mechanics?

    Expired. You're probably correct, worth a shot though :)
  6. Any local mechanics?

    Was driving home and car overheated all the way to the H. Light came on. Looked under car after I parked and could see a small puddle of coolant. I can also smell. I'm located in colton and would like to see if anyone can stop by and identify where its leaking from please. Will pay. Thanks.
  7. WTB: One 18" Magnetic wheel

    As title states,looking for one 18" Magnetic wheel please
  8. California Wtb drivers side headlight and strut

    Looking for drivers side headlight and strut
  9. Utah Anderson composite hood and trunk lid

    Drivers side headlight? Drivers strut?
  10. Wtb Fender/headlight

    As mentioned in title, im looking for a drivers side fender for my 2017 gt and also a left side headlight. Thanks.
  11. Spring installation

    Good evening. Can anyone recommend a shop or local individual willing to install my lowering springs on my 17 GT?. Located in Riverside,CaThanks in advance.