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  1. PVAMT

    Something for truck owners

    Nice write up
  2. PVAMT

    North Carolina MMD by FOOSE Deep Impact Blue

    For Sale MMD by Foose Spoiler in Deep Impact Blue (Painted by American Muscle) $300 plus shipping. Sorry for the grainy photos, I needed to put member name on the photos.The blue tape is to hold the bag for the hardware. Considering trades (will have to work out shipping though.). Looking for...
  3. PVAMT

    Window Sticker

    MustangJoe, Could you please run a copy for 1FA6P8CF9G5276717. ? Thanks, Pete
  4. PVAMT

    Sourcing a full size spare wheel/tire

    what size and which rims?
  5. PVAMT

    Fort Bragg, NC Speedshops

    You could try Fastlane Motorsports in Benson. They are well known Mustang specialists in the area. Email [email protected] Phone (919) 989-9377 Fax (919) 989-9413 Address 46 Last Cast Dr. Benson, NC 27504
  6. PVAMT

    Sourcing a full size spare wheel/tire

    I bought my spare from it’s not cheap but it’s the only option if you have the 6 piston brembos. He was located in Raleigh so I just drove there to pick it up. I wasn’t far...
  7. PVAMT

    Drake Muscle Shelby Style Spoiler

    You wouldn't have a measurement of how high it is would you? As I said, I'm looking for something a little taller than my MMD byFoose but not as tall as the MMDV series.
  8. PVAMT

    Drake Muscle Shelby Style Spoiler

    Is the gurney flap spoiler? I looked up the Drake spoilers and They have 2 listed. How high off the trunk does it sit? I have an MMD by Foose I am thinking of replacing.
  9. PVAMT

    Drake Muscle Shelby Style Spoiler

    Any idea how much shipping to the Raleigh NC area is?
  10. PVAMT

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I installed the Energy Suspension transmission mount insert, shifter bushing and Steeda clutch spring. The shifter bushing was a huge improvement as was the clutch spring. The mount insert brought along some noise vibration and harshness. It seemed to subside somewhat the more I drove the car...
  11. PVAMT

    Any motorcycle riders?

    2008 Raider 1900 1996 Magna 750 2012 Shadow Spirit 750
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    Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    I have the silver PP wheels on mine. I love the way they look. They are a pain to scrub brake dust off. If they offered a black PP wheel with the face machined and polished that would be awesome. I think the current blackout phase doesn’t lend much to the looks of the car. Motorcycles have also...
  13. PVAMT

    Show me your stripes!

    2016 GTPP with Deep impact Blue with Silver “Over the top” stripes and red pinstripes.
  14. PVAMT

    North Carolina MMD Strut Tower Covers 2015-2019

    Where in NC are you?
  15. PVAMT

    MMD Rear Diffuser Fins - FREE !

    How much is shipping to 27520 USA? If it’s not too bad I will take them.
  16. PVAMT

    Phone Mounts. What is everyone using?

    I made this out of hockey pucks and ebay ram type mounts all screwed together with deck screws. I didn’t want to make it permanant and have it hold my iphone 10 xl with otter box.
  17. PVAMT

    Deep Impact Blue with hood or rocker stripes.

    Silver over the top stripes with red accent pinstripes