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  1. Norklin

    GT 2015-2019 Catless Longtubes 2m/"eBay" headers

    These have been sold for a long time. I keep marking the thread sold but it doesn't stay. Fitment is great, if you have an 18+ you need to grind/move AC bolt on passenger side or itll bang/make noise. New owner likes them.
  2. Norklin

    PIC Request - 20x10 on lowering springs (preferred SVE350's)

    Hm, was under the impression I wouldnt need CC/Toes for FRPP, not a big deal but was trying to avoid that.
  3. Norklin

    PIC Request - 20x10 on lowering springs (preferred SVE350's)

    Looks awesome! Did you need CC plates or toe links goes with those? I ended up getting the 1" FRPP's.
  4. Norklin

    OEM or Aftermarket TPMS??

    The TPMS sensors I got for my 2018 self learned in less than 2 or 3 miles.
  5. Norklin

    Buying tomorrow, looking for tips.

    The difference between 48 and 72 months has nothing to do with cash being king. Again to your point if you need to stretch something 2 more years to have not be "tight" you probably should lower your price range. With all that said this being a used car with 80k miles, multiply the stupidity x100.
  6. Norklin

    Buying tomorrow, looking for tips.

    If you finance ANY car for 72 months, especially a used one, you cant afford it. Car has a ton of paint damage and high miles.
  7. Norklin

    PIC Request - 20x10 on lowering springs (preferred SVE350's)

    Definitely not a corner carver so yeah comfort is a priority.
  8. Norklin

    PIC Request - 20x10 on lowering springs (preferred SVE350's)

    Been trolling the interwebs and forum looking for some good shots. Dont wanna be stupid low and uncomfortable but would like to eliminate some of the unnecessary tractor stance. Currently thinking about getting the FRPP ones for the easy 1" drop. Current stance on stock springs,
  9. Norklin

    Great price on a base ?GT?

    I paid 36k for a premium two tone leather, 10spd.
  10. Norklin

    Outside of North America Pair of Genuine Ford Euro Spec Taillights

    Are they just wet in the photos? Any chance you can take a better picture? I want these OEMs or the s550 euro kit and yours is a little cheaper.
  11. Norklin


    How much of an option was red interior? I have the "saddle" two tone leather.
  12. Norklin

    Did you ordering anything early for Black Friday yet?

    Hell yeah brother! The tires look slick!
  13. Norklin

    Can someone please help I fishtailed and hit a curb I have questions

    jesus christ lol.. def needs to be look at by a shop.
  14. Norklin

    Virginia Sold 18+ Style Clear Euro Tail Lights @s550euros

    PM me your best price to 32817.
  15. Norklin

    Sad sad day..

    Sad to see her go but a Mustang can get sideways without doing a 180 lol.
  16. Norklin

    SVE350's 20x10 in Graphite!

    I always go with squared. Staggered is only for looks which a spacer can do if you need to. The tire compound itself is 1000000x more important than going from a 275 to a 305. That width makes very little difference in grip. At that point, if you're having traction issues you need a better tire...
  17. Norklin

    SVE350's 20x10 in Graphite!

    Finally got my 20x10 square with Firehawk Indy 500 275/35/20's mounted today. Needs a mild spring to close the gap but I am in love with this wheel and color!
  18. Norklin


    Finally got my wheels all mounted up and I'm not ashamed to take photos. 20x10 SVE350's in Gloss Graphite Firehawk Indy 500's 275/35/20 all the way around.