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    GT350: Caveat Emptor need a bicycle!
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    Maisto 1:18 GT500 at Costco $15! Ford GT and no Green GT500 @ Costco’s in Canada or at least I’m 0 for 3...
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    Maisto 1:18 GT500 at Costco $15!

    Too funny, picked up the TO 500 this morning and logged on to see this thread... These will go fast!
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    2020 Shelby GT500 CFTP order, build & delivery! (video)

    Great collection, great story...nice to see a car come together!
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    Any chance this is normal? Picking up car, not looking good.

    I’ve seen numerous GT350 examples with the same touch-ups on the fender bolts. Possibly because of the fact that these front ends are unique to the model and need adjustments at the end of the body shop process. Mine has the same touch up on the bolts but is harder to see because of the...
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    Buying parts in Niagara Falls

    Have a look @ only pay for each package as opposed to a full out rental of a mailbox. Top notch service and tracking...sign up ahead of time though to get your suite # Lower price...different part of town...closed Tuesday's I believe... Either...
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    Used for non-experienced GT350 2016

    So...regarding the transmission temps, ever since I've activated the factory temp gauge I have never even come close to the high mark on the gauge. In fact, rarely do I make the 1/2 way point. I will say I've never tracked the car like I did @ Track Attack, but all the same...spirited driving...
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    GT500 “in transit” turned to “in crash”

    “Unscheduled Material Hold”? :facepalm:
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    Want to buy a 350 but I'm skeptical

    No issues here...I have The BULLETPROOF 2016 motor! :shock:
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    Hood struts...

    I bought the RedLines @ Carlisle this summer...RedLine tech mentioned that indeed they supply Ford. Also mentioned that the current RedLine struts have been improved/revised a few times over the ones they supply to Ford.
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    My 2020 GT500 finally reached the finish line!

    Beautiful combo...congrats :clap:
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    Pre Production R?

    05/15 Build Date.... Harry (PP0001) will have some insight on this!:like:
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    Forgive my ignorance.... did get the “best color” :rockon:
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    Ford Stampede - Ford Canada HQ Oakville

    That would be a real shame to deny enthusiasts an enjoyable day...
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    Ford Stampede - Ford Canada HQ Oakville July 28th 2019 Usually a good time! Pre-registration ends July 24th.
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    Canada - Ontario 2015 and up PP Calipers - 6 Piston Brembo (New) -SOLD-

    Sold...and shipped to lucky buyer! Thanks
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    CF wheels come later...necessitating temporaries...indeed Continental is produced at FR
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    Canada - Ontario 2015 and up PP Calipers - 6 Piston Brembo (New) -SOLD-

    I don’t have lines or hardware kit, just what you see (if these are like other Ford/Brembo calipers, hardware kits are easily obtainable).