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    Favorite ENGINE You’ve Owned?

    The Coyote in my Bullitt!
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    RHD Mach 1

    where was it photographed?
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    How often do you guys see other Bullitts on the road?

    I've only seen one in two years but given that there are only 50 in the whole country I guess that's not surprising
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    How did your Pirelli’s wear?

    Mine on the GT were absolutely hopeless and I had to replace them at 18000kms The Michelins on my Bullitt are vastly superior and I am told I should get 30,000kms out of them
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    Window Sticker - How Have You Kept It ?

    I had my GT one laminated and framed in red, white and blue. The Bullitt one i had laminated and framed in dhg
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    Mustang Mach 1 in Australia

    hope you're right but it scares me when yanks use the word "global" which to a land locked ford exec in Michigan may just mean Canada, Alaska & Hawaii??? I have a mate here whose Mach 1 deposit is burning a hole in his pocket Here's hoping!
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    2020 Mustang R-Spec

    Does anyone know if the Mach 1 is going to be sold in Oz next year?
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    My plans for my Bullitt

    Get rid of the hood rod. put leds in all the interior lights Buy a cover for that ugly cheap looking coolant tank
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    RHD Mach 1

    has anyone seen an authorative source yet that confirms the Mach 1 will be built in rhd for export markets (and that photo of the yellow green one is not an authorative source)
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    2019 Bullitt $94k! ??

    Looks like a price in New Zealand dollars???
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    5 Spurs Floating Center Caps

    Got mine the other day and I am thrilled how they look The guys at the tyre shop also told me that at 19,000kms now, I should expect about 30,000kms out of the Michelins. For better than those useless Pirellis I had on the previous GT
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    5Spurs Padded Leather Door arm rest

    Another option for you are the kickplates marketed by RPI and you can have them painted any colour I scratched the door with my shoe on my GT and could never get the mark out of the vynl. The kickplates are great but the adhesive supplied by RPI is useless
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    Contemplating a road trip. Chicago to Seattle next month.

    Check out Yellowstone Glacier National park Little Bighorn Battlefield Have a great trip
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    Rtr grille lights on Bullitt?

    Absolutely awful!!! The thing about the Bullitt appearance is that "less is more"
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    RHD Mach 1

    Well done!!! How did you manage to crack the cone of silence set up by Ford's marketing knowledge prevention dept? Putin might have a job for you??
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    5 Spurs Floating Center Caps

    Can't wait !!
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    This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    "Global" to Ford probably is meant to include Alaska and Hawaii. Cant find any reference anywhere to availability in rhd
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    2021 Mach 1

    anyone read anything about these being available in rhd?
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    Seeking Octane Advice

    only 98
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    Tech Challenged Senior

    Do I interpret your rant as not being able to find the tyre pressure readout? Go into settings on steering wheel Then trip computer Then move up or down from there using arrows on steering wheel You would think it has its own caption but its hidden away at that second level I understand your...