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  1. TheReaper

    Brand new PP2 woes.

    You did do a good stress test on the PP2 wheels.
  2. TheReaper

    Brand new PP2 woes.

    I don't think this is a PP2 woe, more like a car hitting debris in the road woe.
  3. TheReaper

    How many GTs are Owned by Seniors?

    I almost spewed my coffee when I read this.:cwl:
  4. TheReaper

    Need help with wheel vibration (275 square set-up)

    If the wheels don't rub on the calipers I don't see a problem running the 9.5 on the front.
  5. TheReaper

    2015 Mustang Gt oil smell

    If you get an oily electrical smell when you push it hard you are smelling the catalytic converters. It's common and you are cleaning out what the last owner let build up in the cats.
  6. TheReaper

    Opinions on the 2018 base cloth seats

    My wife and I have always had leather in our cars until I bought the 301a that I have now. I love the cloth seats and she likes them except for the static charge she gets sometimes. How do you stop the Winter static electricity issue.
  7. TheReaper

    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I fed my Coyote some 50 degree air and it loved it.
  8. TheReaper

    Mods That Will Not Void Warranty

    They keep calling me about my 2011 GT that I traded in 2014.
  9. TheReaper

    Crusing music in Your S550.

    The soft stuff like Cemetery Gates is pretty good too.
  10. TheReaper

    Lot Rot?

    I guess you've had dealings with shitier Dealers than I have.
  11. TheReaper

    Updated GT500 Specs - Yesterday

    You can thank Evan Smith for that quarter mile time.
  12. TheReaper

    Lot Rot?

    You made a good deal on a very nice car in my opinion.
  13. TheReaper

    Ok... who was it... 120mph & done

    Must have been an EcoBoost, a GT driver would have gone up to 150 or more.:crackup:
  14. TheReaper

    Lot Rot?

    I've bought many cars that were sitting up to a year on the lot and had none of the issues you mentioned. The car I have now sat on the lot for over a year and was transported over 1500 miles to me without a scratch and still smelling new. I sure hope you don't believe what you posted.
  15. TheReaper

    GT500 for sale at dealer

    The color I would want but I would ditch the stripe.
  16. TheReaper

    Lot Rot?

    Probably a Camaro Troll, look at the post count.
  17. TheReaper

    What options that you got on your Mustang were worth the money and which were not?

    I'm going to swap the speakers and if not satisfied I'll dig deeper. The stock system in my 2014 Premium was kick ass compared to this.
  18. TheReaper

    What options that you got on your Mustang were worth the money and which were not?

    Thanks but no thanks, I was hoping it was a simple fix.:like:
  19. TheReaper

    The beginning of the end for the Mustang?

    That Lincoln picture is from 2013.