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  1. Todd15Fastback

    Brand new Steeda S550 Mustang Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces (15-17 Coupe)

    Here is Mark Grant’s email address - Mgrant0217 at gmail dot com
  2. Todd15Fastback

    Brand new Steeda S550 Mustang Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces (15-17 Coupe)

    Hey NJDAVE - we have a guy in out ATLS550 group that wants these. I’ll get his contact info and pass it on.
  3. Todd15Fastback

    Jefc73/Making it my own

    Car looks soooooooooooooo good, Jeff!!
  4. Todd15Fastback

    rtr adjustable shock and struts

    SteedaTech Steeda Pro-Action FTW! Get them and never look back.
  5. Todd15Fastback

    GT500 will have 5.0L Supercharged 680HP, 630 lb ft

    He's quoting what was mentioned in the magazine screenshot circulating about. I will say this...someone with connections at Ford Performance stated a 5.0 with the TVS 2.65....this closely resembles the numbers above.
  6. Todd15Fastback

    Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    Says the guy with an old ass and anemic V6....they are a very popular segment these days and Ford is catering to the segment. Stupid business decision, right:doh:
  7. Todd15Fastback

    S197 GT500?

    I replaced my totaled '15GTPP with a 2014 GT500 with 3k miles on it. Bought this back in April.
  8. Todd15Fastback

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    Thanks!! This is a comparison I shared with someone else a week ago on the differences between the 2 cars to a person at Steeda. Hence some of my comments. The power is the biggest difference, of course. The car just pulls and pulls to redline and never stops. The TQ is just a beautiful...
  9. Todd15Fastback

    It's an S550 Mustang day at our Steeda Georgia facility

    Awesome thread!! I've been on that couch about 5-6 times. I'll be heading down soon to get some suspension parts installed on my GT500.
  10. Todd15Fastback

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    Hopefully folks can see the pictures now.
  11. Todd15Fastback

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    Ahhh..Gotcha. I have flickr, too. Might have to update both things.
  12. Todd15Fastback

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    shrunk them down...
  13. Todd15Fastback

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    Damn, WTF? I had all of my S550 pictures hosted on Photobucket, too. I will resize the originals so I can post them up so you all can see.
  14. Todd15Fastback

    Todd15Fastback's '15GT PP Build

    Some updated pictures of my GT500.