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  1. ModularKid21

    Maryland 20” Foundry wheels

    Bump, still available
  2. ModularKid21

    V8 owners, what's you best gas mileage record?

    I always calculate mine because the ones in the cluster are never right. But this mustang is the closest one I’ve ever had on a vehicle, it’s routinely .5 mpg off (high). Best I’ve gotten was 27.1 on a 200 mile trip without stopping. Windows down, a/c off, cruise control set at 70mph, only...
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    It's A Stormin' Outside

    Here on the east coast, I’d say precipitation in the form of white flakes would be the worst Mother Nature could throw at us. If my car is clean I try not to drive it in the rain, purely for trying to preserve its cleanliness. If it’s dirty, screw it. I do enjoy driving it in the rain though...
  4. ModularKid21

    PS4S versions

    If you check in the specs section of each tire (on Tire Rack’s website) you’ll notice some differences. Tread depth, tread width and section width to name a few. They usually don’t mention compound differences in there but I don’t doubt that the compounds are different.
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    Do I need more negative camber?

    Possibly. All things considered, a 9.5” wheel is on the smaller side of things. My guess would be that it’s a combination of having not enough negative camber and using a tire that’s a bit too tall. Your wheel offset comes into play as well if you’re running a wheel where the offset is aggressive
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    Last sanity check needed

    I have the Ford Performance open lug nuts and they’re great. I’m constantly taking the wheels on/off my car and they still look/function great. And the gold ARP studs sticking through look pretty cool too if that’s your cup of tea
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    Road force numbers, Michelin

    Those numbers aren’t TOO bad. I’m with you on the paying the premium though as I do the same thing and usually with good results. On the tire balance machines I’ve used, high road force for a passenger tire is usually around 25-26 (which I’m assuming you have). LT rated tires are usually closer...
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    Maryland 20” Foundry wheels

    Western Maryland, Frederick to be more specific
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    Official 6G Shift knob pics thread

    Right on. I’m free most evenings and weekends so just message me or something and we can set something up. I also have FTBR’s shifter bracket on my car. That helped a lot
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    Official 6G Shift knob pics thread

    It’s awesome. The weight is good and the feel is even better. I shift different ways depending on the situation and this knob feels comfortable no matter how I shift. It does get a little warm in the summer and cold in the winter (although I don’t really drive it in the winter) but here on the...
  11. ModularKid21

    Howler emblem has moisture in it

    Mine is doing the same thing and there doesn’t appear to be a plastic cover on mine. I took a knife to the edges to see if I could get under the potential cover and ended up chipping the enamel
  12. ModularKid21

    Tire Wear with GT350 and PP2 wheels on a PP1

    I had oem gt350 wheels/tires (mpss) on for around 9k miles and I noticed the front starting to cup around 5k miles. As stated above, alignment specs will affect the wear but mpss tires inherently wear the inner edges quickly. The gt350 guys know all about that
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    The Succesor to MMFF

    I was a little late to the MM&FF magazines so I only had a year or two worth of their mags. I think the work ethic needed and the pay scale (flat rate) is why there are fewer and fewer technicians now a days. I’m almost 28 and I’m always the youngest tech wherever I work (GM, Nissan, VW and now...
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    Maryland 20” Foundry wheels

    Up for sale are a set of factory Ford 20” foundry wheels. Tires are almost new Riken Raptors (I know lol) with maybe a couple thousand miles on them. Wheels are in good shape. Some nicks on the inside wheel lips (not really sure how that even happens) and a few light scratches on the face of one...
  15. ModularKid21

    Apex EC7 versus SVE R357?

    I work at a shop so I haven’t had anyone mount tires for me in quite some time. I’m in the middle of switching jobs and I try not to get into side work when I’m new somewhere. But depending on when you’re looking to have them mounted up, I may be able to help with that. I also have black wheel...
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    Apex EC7 versus SVE R357?

    Another happy Apex customer
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    Need help first time buying wheels

    A 20x10 +40 shouldn’t poke even at stock height. But a 20x11 +35 absolutely will. Most 11” people run on these cars are around a +50 offset. I’d personally go with your 2nd option. A few members on here have run a 10.5” +30 wheel with 285/35 tires and the fit (when powered) is awesome. And the...
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    Virginia Wtb/wtt 20in wheel square setup

    I’m assuming you’re looking for aftermarket wheels only? I have a set of factory 20” foundry wheels I plan on listing for sale very soon. Not in perfect condition but I’d say 8.5-9/10 depending on how picky you are. Tires are essentially new but are some cheapo brand. They have maybe a couple...