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    Edmunds GT500 and GT500 CF Track Pack test numbers

    Totally. If I have anything to say about it, once the Pilot 4S tires get blown off the car, I'd like to replace them with Cup 2's. Since weight between the two cars is so similar, a few of us are wondering if there's any massive benefit to buying a CF. We've already noted the CF car, with its...
  2. Chassis L0647

    Edmunds GT500 and GT500 CF Track Pack test numbers

    Not at all. Sorry, I forgot to include the test dates in that post. The GT500 CF was tested on December 9, 2019 and the standard GT500 on August 3, 2020. We correct for weather on supercharged cars, so both received a correction factor related to their respective testing conditions. With...
  3. Chassis L0647

    Edmunds GT500 and GT500 CF Track Pack test numbers

    We thought you guys and girls (men and women?) might like to see our test numbers from our Long Term 2020 GT500, as well as numbers from a GT500 CF Track Pack. These numbers were recored at the same facility (same asphalt, same driver) using the same VBOX testing equipment, so there's good...
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    Just out of curiosity what MPG are you people getting with your new GT 500's

    After around 5,100 miles, our GT500 is averaging 12.4 mpg. That includes a low of 7.8 (that was mostly running errands with a bit of fun) and a high of 21.6 where we squeezed out 314 miles on a single tank. That was a boring stint behind the wheel. All our tanks have been run on 91 octane...
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    Looking for a NON-CFTP CANADIAN GT500 to feature in a Video - THROTTLE HOUSE

    We might have loaned you the GT500 but we're probably gonna do one of these ourselves. Our results might vary, etc.
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    Introducing ourselves

    Hey there - We're the proud owners of a Twister Orange Shelby GT500... and we should probably say who WE are. We're - hopefully you've heard of us - and we've bought (with our own money) a 2020 GT500 to add to our long term test fleet. Our test fleet consists of a fairly wide...
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  8. Edmunds GT500

    Edmunds GT500

    Photos of the Edmunds GT500