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  1. 2021 Mustang Adds Antimatter Blue, Carbonized Gray, Grabber Yellow Colors. GT500 Gets Carbon Fiber Handling Package

    Always welcome new colors but wish they'd bring back grabber blue, maybe for 2022?
  2. Got a borla catback for my 2015 GT. Is it normal to NOT have visible smoke/air from the exhaust?

    Thanks for the response. Should I be worried that I don't see any kind of condensation then? As I mentioned the first time, the installer didn't tighten the clamps enough and there was a noticeable leak, after tightening a bit he mentioned it might just be normal condensation which would either...
  3. Got a borla catback for my 2015 GT. Is it normal to NOT have visible smoke/air from the exhaust?

    Just did my first mod, a borla catback exhaust. The first time I started it up there was a small leak near the x pipe but once the clamps were adjusted and tightened there have been no leaks. The car sounds great and there doesn’t appear to be any noticeable sound/smell/driving issues. My only...
  4. Looking for best deal on a Borla S type catback system (2016 GT). Any Forum discounts available?

    I’m looking for an S type catback system for my 2016 GT but $1500 is very expensive. I see so many other cheaper exhausts but I hear they have a lot of drone and the tones aren’t ideal. Don’t know if I can justify that premium even though I really like the Borlas. But looking to see if there are...
  5. St. Louis Exhaust Shops any recommendations to install new system

    I’m planning on ordering Borla or Corsa catback system soon looking for a reliable place in St. Louis area others have experience with that will install well and hopefully not too expensive. Any recommendations?
  6. Corsa sport sounds exotic

    For those of you who have heard the Gt350 Stock exhaust, is the Corsa Sport or extreme catback similar in loudness on startups and acceleration? From Youtube videos, corsas tend to sound similar to the Gt350, and that is the loudness I'm looking for. Would Sport be better suited?
  7. Solo Performance Mach XV Volume

    Can anyone compare this to the Borla S type or Corsa Sport? I've heard those in person and that is the loudness I'm looking for. Is the Mach XV more on part with the touring level of the other 2 brands?
  8. Vibration between 50 & 70 mph

    So is there anyone NOT having this problem after thousands of miles? The poll is split 50-50 but I imagine some said no before the problem showed up. I'm about to buy a mustang but now I'm not so sure
  9. Solo Performance GT exhaust systems review - updated with photos/videos

    So is Mach XV similar to a touring level exhaust or slightly/much louder. I'm looking for something either at the same level or slightly quieter than the Borla S-type/Corsa sport
  10. Help me find an awesome price on a V6 automatic!

    I think it's Deysha you're looking for. Send a PM:
  11. Solo Performance GT exhaust systems review - updated with photos/videos

    I know many people keep saying that a video won't do justice, but if you have time, can you post a video of both a cold/warm start and maybe a few revs. So far the only video of the Mach XV is the one solo has and I'd like to see a couple of more. --Also, does anyone know if this system has a...
  12. Pzeros and Prayers In The Snow/Headlights At night

    So can someone confirm if the PP tires crack under 40 degrees? I'm thinking about purchasing a set of pp wheels that come with the tires, but I need to know if these are like the summer tires on the 1LE, which did indeed crack in cold temps even in the garage. Don't want to purchase winter tires...
  13. Some questions about wheels for the V6

    Hi guys, didn't know if I should put this in wheels or v6 section for more responses: I have a v6 with the 17" wheels that I want to replace with 19's and I have some questions: 1. I see some GT PP wheels on ebay. Will these fit the v6 with no problem? 2. I'm thinking about buying...
  14. Solo Performance GT exhaust systems review - updated with photos/videos

    I'd like to see a cold/warm start up of the mach xv if anyone can make one. Thanks. Is this on par with the borla touring or closer to the s-type?
  15. Will there be 0% in January

    I want to buy a Mustang and it looks like every ford car but the mustang is getting 0% for 60 months for the holidays which goes til January 4th. I think I may hold out for the 0% if their looking for more sales after that time. If I buy a 2016, 0% will save $3k on the price Plus the new...
  16. Solo Performance GT exhaust systems review - updated with photos/videos

    Does anyone have any more vids of start up, idle, and pulls for the Mach Thunder and XV. I can't find any on YouTube except the Op's. I would like to here some more vids before I make my decision. And do either of these crackle and pop on downshifts?
  17. Engine dies randomly!!?

    I've come really close to buying a mustang with manual transmission but this thread and others like it is putting me off. I count at least 30 people on this site and others that have had this problem. Anyone know if later builds still have this problem? Wish Ford had an answer
  18. Hello from Missouri!

    Are there tracks in and around St. Louis where you pay and do some laps? It seems like other cities have them but I can't find one in St. Louis Also, where are some fun not so heavily used roads? Am new here and there's no canyon like roads like there was in Arizona
  19. Stoli's Build

    Question about the stripes. I don't see the option of having black stripes with red pintstripes. Do you have the link for which one you added to your cart on Big Worm Graphix? Thanks
  20. Build and Price is working ...

    I think they may be limited to SVT models for the first year or 2, similar to grabber blue, just to make them more exclusive. Or they will offer the smaller stripes like they currently do with the 2014, you just don't see many of them with it straight from the factory.