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  1. GT Ford OEM Spare Tire Kit

    Sold pending meet up
  2. Kentucky GMP 1993 Cobra

    Only opened for pictures. Original buyer of this. $275 shipped
  3. GT Ford OEM Spare Tire Kit

    Mine was a non PP car and would fit front and rear.
  4. Kentucky Revell 1/25 1993 Ford Mustang Cobra Kit #85-2530 Mint Rare. Still In Plastic

    This not only includes the model but also Mustang Monthly from May 1992 talking about the 93 Cobra and a Ford Brochure too. $50 shipped
  5. GT Ford OEM Spare Tire Kit

    Purchased brand new for my ‘17 and installed in car but never used. Pickup only as I think shipping would be expensive based on weight. Located in Lexington, KY. $100
  6. Kentucky OEM Ford All Weather Trunk Mat

    I bought this approximately two years ago for my ‘17 but sold the car. This one is without the sub. $85 shipped
  7. Kentucky Redline Hood Struts

    I purchased these brand new approximately a year ago but sold the car. $75 shipped
  8. BMR CB005 + Steeda Alignment Dowels

    CB005H should be CB005B right? Your steeds parts are #ST-5554438 right? $150 shipped to Lexington, KY?
  9. Sirius

    Yep, SYNC 3. This is a '17 as well.
  10. Sirius

    I've noticed this problem lately when changing stations in Sirius and was wondering if anyone else had this issue. Lots of times with I switch from station to station in Sirius on the screen the station icon will get stuck on the previous station and stay like that for awhile and then...
  11. Mod Suggestions

    What aftermarket catback is a small step up from factory and the best for daily driven cars and someone that doesn't want to wake up the neighbors?
  12. Mod Suggestions

    Pretty much just what you said...the most basic & essential mods that everyone should do. The BMR kit is a great example and something I will pickup. I'd love to do exhaust but I leave for work so early I don't want to piss off the entire neighborhood.
  13. Mod Suggestions

    Hey guys/gals I wanted suggestions on useful mods I should consider for my '17 GT daily driver. I'm not interested in performance modifications. Right now I have swapped the the transmission fluid out for the BG stuff and added Steeda Jacking rails & clutch spring kit. I have an MGW shifter...
  14. JLT 3.0 Drain Test - May 5th - Today

    I'm considering getting one of these. Do you really need both the driver and passenger side or is one side more important than the other? Mine is a '17 GT daily driver.
  15. What do you think will get replaced?

    I actually fixed it all myself. I've got a new fender liner coming from LMR. However, they don't sell the hardware (rivets). Any idea on part numbers for the plastic fender liner rivets? I tried to call my local Ford dealer and they weren't helpful at all. I came across a diagram on the...