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  1. Usmc341

    Crashed don't even know wtf happened

    If there's suspension damage you'd be better off totaled. It will never be the same.
  2. Usmc341

    Do you see the upcoming Mach 1 an improvement over the Bullitt?

    Regarding the transmissions, I've had two GT500s with the 6060 and the current MT82 on my Bullitt is just as smooth and shifts just as good as the Tremec. I don't track the car so as far as robust it doesn't concern me.
  3. Usmc341

    Why the White Gear Knob?

    Just YouTube the chase scene. It's the best part of the movie anyway
  4. Usmc341

    Suite case res. Del BIG MISTAKE????

    Exhaust sound is very subjective, But I've owned over 20 performance cars including Hellcats and GT500s, and this is the best stock exhaust note by far. Ford really nailed it. I'm a little surprised at the sound you're getting. From my experience, an H pipe is less raspy than an X pipe. This...
  5. Usmc341

    2019 Bullitt 1320ft time?

    Very nice, especially with our long gearing. Question is that screen and track mode?
  6. Usmc341

    Sync 3 update enabled android navigation on dashboard

    Thanks. It's similar to what I did on my Challenger. I'll have to check the version I have. Since I have a 2020 I may already have the latest version
  7. Usmc341

    Least Favorite thing on your S550

    Not being able to configure engine settings in MyMode. I would like to have Sport+ engine and exhaust with comfort steering.
  8. Usmc341

    Least Favorite thing on your S550

    Yeah now I'm listening for it lol. On occasion when going through a toll booth I can hear a fairly prominent tap tap at idle and just above then it goes away. I just chalked it up to four cams 32 valves lots of stuff rolling around in there. FYI I only run sport mode so it will probably never...
  9. Usmc341

    Least Favorite thing on your S550

    What exactly is this 2k rattle everyone's talking about? Is it upper valvetrain noise? Is Ford addressing the issue?
  10. Usmc341

    2019 Bullitt 1320ft time?

    Informative post, but anyone who buys a Bullitt for 1/4 mile times bought the wrong car. I had a Hellcat. A beast in the 1320 but not half the character of the Bullitt.
  11. Usmc341

    A funny thing happened today

    Thanks for the info. Now then I'm thinking about it I might have yanked the steering wheel getting out of the car the day before. What makes me think it was a glitch opposed to a mechanical problem was disconnecting the battery cable fixed it. Not sure, just guessing.
  12. Usmc341

    A funny thing happened today

    Yeah hopefully it was a one-time glitch. I don't know if it makes any difference but before that I tried to start the car and I had my other vehicle's fob inside my pocket. I got the no fob detected message then when I tried to start it with the fob that's when it all happened. It was weird...
  13. Usmc341

    A funny thing happened today

    Well not really funny. Went to start the car and I got a an immediate error message"steering lock fault detected". Car wouldn't start just sat there flashing at me. I disconnected the negative terminal for 30 seconds and now all is good. Put my reader on her no fault codes. Anyone have any...
  14. Usmc341

    Least Favorite thing on your S550

    Apparently you have never owned a Dodge Challenger....
  15. Usmc341

    Limp Mode

    Did shutting off the car and restarting cure it? I'm thinking there's a stored code in there somewhere.
  16. Usmc341

    Much less torque after 6000-6200 rpm normal or issue?

    I'm surprised that the torque curve is relatively flat. Usually high revving n/a motors are more peaky.
  17. Usmc341

    New owner impressions

    Great review. Although we don't have adaptive cruise in the US, the options are perfect for this car. Nothing like a high revving n/a in a motor and rowing through the gears. I drive in sport + 100% of the time. Throttle response is definitely crisper, especially in the low end.
  18. Usmc341

    Why did you purchase your Bullitt?

    I came from a Hellcat. It was fun as hell and insanely fast. But it's not all about fast (at least to me). This car is so much more fun to drive. Superchargers sound great, but there's nothing like the sound of a highly tuned N/A motor. Oh yea, DHG is awesome.
  19. Usmc341

    Mobility kit vs. Spare tire

    The spare ain't free