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  1. Andrew@Lethal

    turbo piston

    Manley or Diamond make great pistons/connecting rods. We sell them here at Give us a call and we can get you taken care of! tel:1.561.753.8105
  2. Andrew@Lethal

    Save up for GT or keep Eco?

    MBRP Race with a catless downpipe is the way to go. Closest/throatiest sound you will get with a 4 cylinder mustang.
  3. Andrew@Lethal

    Do you want to see an AWD Mustang? Is it still a Mustang?

    I hope not but I wouldn't put it past them after the Mach-E was released. My bet would be a AWD electric coupe is in the near future. Ford is going to be changing gears towards electric vehicles now. They just announced their electric F-150 last week.
  4. Andrew@Lethal

    Save up for GT or keep Eco?

    It will all come down to insurance. The GT platform isn't going anywhere soon, so I would rock the ecoboost until you can get a low insurance payment. I had a 15 ecoboost while I was attending college and it was a fun car. I sold it after I graduated and bought a 2003 Cobra. I miss that car a lot.
  5. Andrew@Lethal

    Stage 1 complete kits: Whipple vs Procharger. Owners analysis & review

    Both are great units and both are direct bolt on & go if you get a complete kit. Of course custom tuning and a upgraded fuel system will for sure be a night and day difference. I prefer the ease of installation of a centrifugal blower but I love the roots style and numbers a whipple makes. We...
  6. Andrew@Lethal

    Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    They are trying to corner the market in general with certain "hot" cars. I'm looking to buy a ST for a daily driver and the prices are for sure higher on Carvana but I see multiple new ones pop up and sell the same day. They are for sure making money on these cars. They deliver the car to your...
  7. Andrew@Lethal

    Which Exhaust??

    Corsa, Borla, or MBRP is the way to go! All 3 are priced in different tiers. Best bang for your buck is for sure the MBRP street or race series. Please give us a call at tel:1.561.753.8105 and we can answer any questions you may have!
  8. Andrew@Lethal

    Dallas shop for MGW shifter install?

    Great shifter! You'll love it! Labor prices vary shop to shop. If you need any other mods such as a custom shifter ball check us out here at
  9. Andrew@Lethal

    Tial vs Procharger big red.....

    Both do the job, but I'd personally the TIAL one. Always been a fan of their products and a good bang for your buck option.
  10. Andrew@Lethal

    Those with new exhaust - what are you doing with your factory catback?

    The cats are worth something, the rest of the exhaust is probably worth a couple bucks in scrap. If you're planning on selling the car soon hang on to it to revert the car back to stock. Otherwise, junk it.
  11. Andrew@Lethal

    Fuel system

    Lowest price doesn't always mean good quality. We sell U.S made billet fuel hats here at www.lethalperformance which are PROVEN. Give us a call or a shout and we can answer any questions you have...
  12. Andrew@Lethal

    Borla touring or s type w/MagnaFlow tru x resonator

    The Touring would be quieter than the S Type. Both do sound really good. Since you are deleting the resonator i'd go with the Touring. Sounds great. We sell them here at
  13. Andrew@Lethal

    Exhaust - Go cheap or pony up the cash (Corsa Sport)

    Honestly some of the best sounding catbacks in MY opinion are the Corsa Sports or MBRP Streets (underpriced in my opinion). We carry them here at
  14. Andrew@Lethal

    Frankenstein Exhaust thoughts

    Anything MBRP sounds good!
  15. Andrew@Lethal

    Cold air intake. Stock or aftermarket?

    PMAS or JLT intakes are the way to go along with a tune to company them. Great gains to be had with those combos. We sell them here at
  16. Andrew@Lethal

    Procharger info??

    The regular stage 2 does not come with injectors BUT we have our procharger lethal kit which comes with a fuel pump booster and id1050x injectors if you are looking for a kit with them included...
  17. Andrew@Lethal

    Running car with open headers.

    Haha thats awesome. I did it super early too I had a 7:30am appointment.
  18. Andrew@Lethal

    VMP Odin

    It's a good proven blower. We sell them here at