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  1. Cobra Jet

    Do you want to see an AWD Mustang? Is it still a Mustang?

    If you want an AWD Mustang, it’s called the Bronco/end thread.
  2. Cobra Jet

    Is Carvana trying to corner the market on 18-19 Mustangs?

    and how well was the enticement value they were going to give you for a trade...
  3. Cobra Jet

    How to remove a stripped passengers Seat torx bolt.

    @Die007 What you need is a bolt extractor kit like this that is specifically for rounded or stripped out rounded bolt heads (look at the images of tool in link)...
  4. Cobra Jet

    Oxford White Hood Repaint - Blend Fenders? (Pics Inside)

    The color variance is definitley very obvious in the pics where the hood is much, much brighter than the surrounding body panels.. Either the shop used the wrong paint code, or it’s possible the base (primer) used is much lighter than the factory primer. That would bug the shit outta me if I...
  5. Cobra Jet

    Crashed don't even know wtf happened

    if you’re 100% certain no one had hit you - vehicle OR Deer, you did not hit any moving or stationary object, and you did not run over road debris, or maybe a manhole that was missing the cover or the cover collapsed, then the car had to have reacted from something mechanically failing. That...
  6. Cobra Jet

    Torsion IRS Troubleshoot to Resolve

    Yes, if it’s coming from the pinion seal for certain, you’re going to need to change it. If you haven’t, I would still spray down everything with some cleaner, wipe dry with a shop towel or microfiber - go drive it and see if it’s definitley coming from the front pinion seal.
  7. Cobra Jet

    Chemical/musty smell when turning on the a/c

    When is the last time the cabin filter was changed? It’s possible the cabin filter is filled with debris or has mold spores... Also if running the A/C before parking car and shutting it down, turn off A/C, put your HVAC system to vents only to draw in outside air through the system. Run the...
  8. Cobra Jet

    Coolant leak , defective coolant outlet housing, replacement part leaks/defective also, 6000 miles

    Spray everything down with water, dry completely. Go for a ride and see if there is more coolant. It’s possible the tech did not clean any residual from the repair. Also, in your images, follow the hose and see if there is any coolant ABOVE the repair point. If there is coolant coming from a...
  9. Cobra Jet

    2018 Mustang - Replacement USB Module

    Reach out to @LevittownFordParts on here, they’re great to work with and they can tell you exactly what is the most current Ford part for your application..
  10. Cobra Jet

    2016 mustang eco boost oil leak - please help

    @nwinkler247 Which direction are we looking at from your photos - head on at front of engine? I’ll tell you another concern I see from your first image: The rubber elastomeric center in that pulley is very deteriorated. If that is the crank or harmonic balancer (hard to tell from the image)...
  11. Cobra Jet

    Torsion IRS Troubleshoot to Resolve

    The side seepage at the axle seals is pretty much normal, that could be seen on brand new S550’s after a few miles. Spray down the housing with carb cleaner to remove a lot of the residual, then go for a 10-20 mile drive and see if it comes back and if it does to what extent.. Is the rear...
  12. Cobra Jet

    Can a 275/40/19 be mounted on a 19x9?

    Any pics?
  13. Cobra Jet

    Can a 275/40/19 be mounted on a 19x9?

    Thanks! Never knew that, learn something new each day.
  14. Cobra Jet

    What is the best forum topic?

    Charmin vs Cottonelle Recaros vs Non-Recaros Tick vs Rattle Center Channel Speaker vs none
  15. Cobra Jet

    GT350R Carbon Wheel warranties

    Does that Ford Tire Care Warranty have fine print exclusions in it - such as not covered by track or exhibition use?
  16. Cobra Jet

    Can a 275/40/19 be mounted on a 19x9?

    For the more knowledgable tire folks... Can a 275/40/19 be mounted on a 19x9 where the original tire was a 255/40/19?
  17. Cobra Jet

    Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    So for the auto trans folks, that gear display can now be enabled via Forscan? If so this is excellent news! What is the actual value change to be made?
  18. Cobra Jet

    Crashed my GT350R into 8ft ditch [Updated with $44k repair cost bill]

    Did you buy the car back or just let Ins. Co. take it away? If you bought it back, what was the delta between the $54k and buy back cost?
  19. Cobra Jet

    Cleaning Blue Ford Performance Filter Question

    @Rubyred17 Tip: Get a micron pre-filter sock, you will be amazed at how it will keep your air filter from getting clogged or even dirty. It works for daily drivers and track cars. The below linked thread I had started a while back when I had my prior 2016 S550 (which ended being a Ford Buy...
  20. Cobra Jet

    So I don't lock my doors, why bother?

    Does your 2019 have: A digital dash cluster? PP gauges in center of dash? SYNC 3 with or without the sub? Leather heated/cooled seats? Insurance card, registration or any other docs in glove box? Radar detector, mobile device crap in center console? If you answered YES to any of the...