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  1. Virginia Mustang GT Engine Cover - $40

    Like new engine cover from my 22 GT. Can meet around NOVA region, prefer not to ship.
  2. Virginia Sold: Mustang GT OEM Upper Grille - $80

    Like new upper grille from my 22 GT. Can meet around NOVA region, prefer not to ship.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    looks good, I got mine for free with ford points but got bored of it and took it off lol. feel like it looks cleaner
  4. Black out roof options? 2021 GT Rapid Red and looking to wrap/tint/possibly paint roof

    vinyl wrap should be pretty cheap even having a shop do it since the roof is smooth and not labor intensive
  5. E85 tune

    you can have your tuner give you an E75 tune instead of E85, since I think 50 and above is minimum gains. Juggernaut gave me an E75 tune which is fine down to E70 so I don't have to worry about testing all the time for the gas station I go to
  6. Driving Gloves

    cheap fake leather mountain biking gloves off amazon are super grippy on alcantara, I always drive with them on
  7. To wing or not to wing

    big wing = big wang
  8. Reckless Driving

    Agree with both, will be getting a uniden r3 since it's so cheap. But the cop hit me with lidar so wouldn't have helped anyways I think. Also where did you find a lawyer for 75 bucks lol, mine was 1000 :crazy:
  9. Reckless Driving

    Yep top speed gets boring eventually. My friend and I actually do do that near rock creek parkway in DC. I'll bring my gopro next time
  10. Reckless Driving

    Well my top speed was significantly higher, the cop just got me while braking
  11. Reckless Driving

    It was dismissed so nothing at all goes on my record
  12. Reckless Driving

    Also not sure why people think I'm lying or trying to trigger people lol. Been stressing about the outcome for a month and just glad it's all over, of course I learned my lesson. The way I see it at least I learned this lesson in my early 20s
  13. Reckless Driving

    honestly not sure. He had me take a couple online classes, 50 hrs community service, and print out my driving record but the judge barely glanced at all that. He knew the cop and pulled him aside before we entered the courtroom but don't know what they said 🤷‍♂️ also said his lidar was off by 3mph
  14. Reckless Driving

    In my defense it was 1 am and all lanes of the highway were empty. But VA speed limits are just so low
  15. Reckless Driving

    Got my first ticket last yr for almost triple digits in a 55. Was reckless driving but lawyer got it dismissed today somehow lol. All that stressing and community service for nothing. And yes I have learned my lesson, just glad it's all over
  16. Easiest way to mount a gopro on the interior?

    thanks all, got it mounted and it works great. didn't expect the video quality to be so good :shock:
  17. Easiest way to mount a gopro on the interior?

    Long day I'm an idiot lol, didn't even think to google first just ordered this onehttps://www.tackform.com/products/gopro-headrest-mount-for-gopro?variant=32488535112
  18. Easiest way to mount a gopro on the interior?

    nope lol my interior is stock unfortunately. Was thinking if maybe someone else has found a mount that attaches to the thin bars holding the headrests to the seats?
  19. Easiest way to mount a gopro on the interior?

    Got a gopro 11 mini for christmas, was wondering what's the easiest way to mount it such that you can see the shifts/steering wheel/windshield like in this video I saw gopro's jaws flex mount clamp, could this work on the passenger side headrest?