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  1. Canada - BC WTB Used Blower 2018+

    Looking to buy a used Supercharger. Whipple VMP KB Roush if very cheap. Thanks. PFA!
  2. Scammers or...

    I'm looking for a friend a used 2018+ VMP or Whipple Supercharger. And I ran across this ad. Has anyone heard of or dealt with this company? Their deals are just to good to be true if ya know what I mean. 😆
  3. New Tune-Temps

    Just got Dyno tune from a shop in Western Canada. Runs great but having a weird issue that I need some advice on as the shop is closed. And I would like to drive some this weekend. 2017 6R80 Whipple Gen 3, 170 T-Stat Whipple larger HE, Mishimoto Rad Tuner says he used Whipples latest...
  4. Oil Leak from all Cylinder head Grommets

    Was poking around under the hood looking for issues and came across Oil leaking from all 4 Solenoid Gromments (seals?). I've searched and found topics on 1 leaking but all 4 at once? This is going to turn out to be an extensive fix. Could these leaks be caused by something going on with my...
  5. Persistent Idle Misfire

    2017 6R80 Gen 3 Whipple. Stage 2 closed airbox. Anyone have an Idle Misfire and have done absolutely everything to find it with no success? Or after trying everything you solved it with a rare fix? Car has NO CODES but shows Misfires at idle on all cylinders at varying times on different drive...
  6. Whipple Supercharger Oil.

    Whipple Gen 3 Stage 2, 10 LBs boost. Going to take a few days for Oil to get here. Is this a harmful level on Bearings etc to be driving around on? Won't be going WOT or pushing it.
  7. Vibrant J Defouler.

    I seen the posts on these after a search on these. But not much info on which spacer to use. What I'd like to know is what's the proper size spacer to use in the Defouler itself? Small, medium, or large? Like which one for FI? For Cats and so on? Is it trial and error to see which one works for...
  8. Vacuum Block?

    I have Whipple Gen 3. Am using all 4 Vacuum ports on the Whipple Manifold. Fuel Reg boost ref Boost Gauge IAT Sensor Bypass Valve All lines are cleanly installed so that's not an issue. What I am asking, would it be better for all around Vacuum Pressure if I used a Vacuum block? Would there be...
  9. MAF Sensor Gasket

    Does anybody know the P/N for the little rectangular Gasket that goes between the MAF Sensor and the mounting flange on the Intake tube? All I've been able to come up with is this: 3L3Z-12B615-BA But I'm getting mixed answers from Ford OEM sites. Thx.
  10. Oil in Spark Plug Threads

    2017 Mustang GT 20,000 miles, Whipple Gen 3, 9lbs boost. Like it says I have Oil in every one of the Spark Plug Threads. Plugs have only been in for approx 75 miles. 2 half WOT dyno pulls. Have been getting a Misfire only at WOT. Which from the crack in the last Plug on the right is the reason...
  11. Fuse Tap Orientation.

    First time installing a boost gauge. I've been doing some searching and can't solve my problem. Almost done but can't figure out which way the tap goes in the #36 slot.(top right) Found these conflicting pics. I don't have a Multimeter.(yet) Anybody installed a Tap in the #36 Slot? Which pic is...
  12. Underhood insulation blanket

    Wondering if anybody knows who sells aftermarket underhood blankets like the one in the pic or reasonable facsimiles? Or any blanket type piece.
  13. Airbox Lid.

    Since this topic isn't so much as to FI is the reason for posting in General Forums. I have a Whipple Gen 3-4 Airbox with no Lid. I would like to enclose this box but there are none to be had ANYWHERE. And since it's such a different configuration with the coolant Nozzle being 2 inches above...
  14. Slight miss at Idle.

    2017 Mustang GT 25,000 Miles. 6R80 Whipple Gen 3 ID 1050 Inj. been professionally inspected New NGK 6510 Plugs .028". No codes. Can feel miss in my seat and see in the puffs in exhaust stream. Can see minor fluctuations on tach and vacuum gauge. Install has been inspected with smoke,Propane and...
  15. Another Whipple Question

    Have a minor couple hundred RPM stumble at idle. While doing the Propane check I noticed these two connectors not, well connected to anything. Shop installer says since I don't have Fans just a larger Heat Exchanger nothing plugs into them. I should have confirmed but I believe it has an IAT...
  16. Intake runner code

    17 Mustang GT Whipple Gen 3. Fired it up today after install. Car ran good for a few minutes. Then threw a code for 'Intake runner control circuit misfire'. This kit has no Fans. So anybody know what could be causing this code? Thx.

    Haven't used my tuner for a couple years. Wanted to update it before selling. Says ot has 4,529 tune revision updates. Do I leave it uploading overnight? Am I missing something?
  18. Operating temp takes a long time

    Have searched and not found an answer. 17 GT JLT CAI, ARH catted longtubes. My engine takes like 10 mins or more to warm up. Fans, heater AC works as it should. I've never timed it and it might be as long as 15. Tuner says there's nothing he can change. I'm going FI and will be installing lower...
  19. Sketchy name/byline

    I'm looking for a part and put up a WTB in that section. Got a response from this person. Anybody know him? He's the second sketchy person who's messaged me. Admin what's up with this person? Banned or not? If banned how does he still converse on here? Thx.

    WTB Whipple Gen 3 Airbox Lid. 7 Bolt. Carbon or plastic cover.