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  1. What can we do for You?

    Hi Todd, These are on backorder until Mid July. If you would like to place an order let me know. - Benny
  2. What can we do for You?

    Yes we do however shipping costs do not include duties or taxes. I will send you a code you can use https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-washer-thrust-fr3z7g273a - Benny
  3. What can we do for You?

    Hi, I have inquired with our distributor and will get back to you as soon as I get an ETA. - Benny
  4. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Yes applicable to Mach 1's as well - Benny
  5. Back 1/4 window weather strip

    Got it, That weatherstrip appears to only be serviced with the glass assembly. Here are links Drivers side https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-quarter-glass-fr3z7621413d Pass side https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-quarter-glass-fr3z7621412d I will send you...
  6. Back 1/4 window weather strip

    Hi Joe, Can you confirm its the part circled below your looking for? - Benny
  7. What can we do for You?

    Hi, We do not stock these, They take about 5-6 days for us to get https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-brake-pads-front-ay1z2001e I will send a code you can use, - Benny
  8. What can we do for You?

    Hi, This wheel correct? Here is a link, Pricing is for each wheel https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-wheel-alloy-pr3z1007m I have a code to help with shipping if your interested, Let me know. - Benny
  9. Discount code?

    Hi, Yes PM sent Thanks! - Benny
  10. Discount code?

    You got it Brett! - Benny
  11. 5.0 camshaft phasers - Ford UK say they dont know what this is... help P0024 ongoing saga

    The sprockets/phasers are certainly different Intake = FR3Z-6256-C Exhaust = FR3Z-6C525-B Please let me know if you have any questions. - Benny
  12. What can we do for You?

    Hi, Im coming up with different numbers so I would like to check this via your VIN please. - Benny
  13. Where to get this

    Sorry but it appears Ford does not sell these alone. They are included with the shift knob though. - Benny
  14. What can we do for You?

    Hi Greg, We do not ship these. Did you want to pick it up? If so please PM me your email address. - Benny
  15. What can we do for You?

    Hi Nico, Here is a link https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/vmr3z-16268-a.html I will send a code to use - Benny
  16. What can we do for You?

    Hi, I am sorry but it has been discontinued. The part # is GR3Z-6344210-AA in case you wanted to search online. Thanks, - Benny
  17. What can we do for You?

    Hi, Price is as listed but I will send a code you can use https://www.levittownfordparts.com/sku/m-5200-m8eca.html Thanks, - Benny
  18. What can we do for You?

    Hi Eric, PM sent Thanks, - Benny
  19. What can we do for You?

    Hi, Those numbers are not coming up for me either but using a M1 HP VIN I come up with the following Front bar https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-stabilizer-bar-jr3z5482b Rear bar https://parts.levittownfordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-bar-rear-stabilizer-jr3z5a772a...