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  1. Steeda New Product Offering - Steeda ProFlow Mustang Bullitt/Mach 1/GT350/GT500 Air Filter Upgrade - Red & Blue

    Our design. Tapered inside lip to help transition the air smoother for more velocity. The air stack design on the end, also increase velocity. Made to our specs. We have good buyers to keep the cost low :)
  2. Steeda suspension question

    Let me know what number you are calling too -our 1800 number is staffed 9-5.
  3. Steeda suspension question

    Please send me your contact info and order number to [email protected]. I will get this reviewed and handled accordingly. TJ
  4. Steeda Steering Wheel trouble

    Please call us at 1800 950 0774 & ShoGun can speak to our Steeda Support Team - they can route those questions to the Steeda Performance Vehicles build team. Thank you TJ
  5. Does anyone make a hood black out style decal for 18+ mustangs?

    We did a custom carbon fiber hood for the White Carbon Edition - SpeedKore partnered with us to make this happen!
  6. Steeda Steering Wheel trouble

    Steeda relies on some of the top names in the Mustang Community to support, develop, and manufacture parts made to our specifications. This is common in the industry, and Steeda has been doing it for many years with great success. We appreciate your feedback & support as we continue to...
  7. Steeda Steering Wheel trouble

    Your feedback has been received by our internal team - I have provided them this thread & photos - they will be in touch shortly. Thank you, TJ
  8. Steeda Steering Wheel trouble

    Hello Mike, I cannot help tonight - our installation team is away from the office. Please email me at [email protected] & I can get this routed in the a.m. Steeda does not manufacture these steering wheels & they are made to our specs. We'll get you taken care of. TJ
  9. Improve your Mustang's Aerodynamics with Underbody Strakes!

    Need to change the video - its set to private!
  10. What Coilovers? (OEM like performance, or softer)

    Teelew, I apologize you feel this way - I believe many of our customers & enthusiasts make many purchase decisions based on our technical support & guidance. Best, TJ
  11. What Coilovers? (OEM like performance, or softer)

    Our engineers prefer the twin tube, and I am happy to put you in contact with the lead tech or our team to discuss this further. In short, our twin tube is low-pressure, will not increase the spring rate, and will have much better ride characteristics vs. the monotube. Based on internal...
  12. What Coilovers? (OEM like performance, or softer)

    We are available - 1800 950 0774, please give us a call at your leisure and we will be happy to assist you.
  13. What Coilovers? (OEM like performance, or softer)

    Teelow, I apologize. Next time I provide information to forum members about the subject—specifically coilovers—I will run it by you. Additionally, I missed the part where I told the OP and other forum members to go to Steeda, order the part, and dig at their wallets. I've read what I said...
  14. Roush lowering springs/maganaride calibration

    A little more information listed here - https://www.steeda.com/steeda-555-8242-s550-magneride-sport-lowering-springs
  15. Which oil ?.

    Not specific to the topic but a good guide for oil changes: https://www.steeda.com/mustang-oil-change-guide
  16. What Coilovers? (OEM like performance, or softer)

    I wanted to share based on the subject & those who may want a little more information:
  17. SCT X4 Mach 1 Mustang Tuner w/ Steeda Certified Tune

    I know from personal experience that a tune is a nice wake-up call on any stock Mustang. Let me put you in touch with Matt, our lead tuner, who can provide a little more feedback on the specifics. Shoot me an email at [email protected] & I will get you the necessary support to help make a...
  18. Are Coilovers Really the Ultimate Suspension Upgrade?

    Even more benefits of coilovers :)
  19. Are Coilovers Really the Ultimate Suspension Upgrade?

    We have spent months & many different interactions to bring this package to market. With our Adjustable Ride Height System, you not only get the benefits of ride height adjustment, but it also makes it easy to go from one spring rate to another, making it the most versatile suspension setup we...
  20. Steeda H-pipe on the Mach 1

    You won't have any issues—if there were a concern, you would see many threads on the subject given the volume we have sold—install with confidence.