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  1. Purged

    +1 for the Michelin PS4S Haven't tried the Continental Extreme Contacts. I've used Pirelli's P-Zero All-Seasons on my old SHO and they were awful. They would scream in pain any time I took a turn above normal traffic speeds. If you want all-seasons I still recommend Michelin. Their Pilot...
  2. Mustang gt 2022 manual rpm redline @ 7000?

    It's not that simple. You need to factor the transmission's gear ratios: 1st = 3.24 -> 1036.8 lb-ft @ 7000, 913.7 lb-ft @ 7500 Shifting to 2nd @ 7500 rpm will start you off somewhere around 4600 RPM, coincidentally where the engine produces its peak torque. Shift any sooner and you'll put down...
  3. 2024 Ford Mustang configurator is up, your thoughts?

    I'll admit the S550 update S650 has grown on me, but not enough to buy one. The exterior is a nice change but I still can't get over the front grill. That excess bottom black lip-gloss-plastic looks odd. Light colors make it standout in a bad way. It's like they wanted to make a bigger more...
  4. Is a 30,000 mile service for $340 a good idea ?

    Like others have said, not a good deal. Maybe $200 tops would be reasonable. Buy the parts and do the filters (cabin/air) yourself. They're quick easy jobs that anyone can do.
  5. Anyone Else's Insurance Rate Increased? (+30%!)

    2019. Should be no problem insuring yours! It’s an “Agreed Value” policy too. You decide how much your car is worth and if your car gets totaled they pay that amount out, no haggling or questions asked. Obviously it needs to be within reason, but they’re more reasonable than most. Just think...
  6. Anyone Else's Insurance Rate Increased? (+30%!)

    Geico has been hitting us hard these past couple years (+15-20%). They wouldn’t even let a simple moving violation slide. I hadn’t got a ticket in years but they decided a 0-10 speeding citation was worth cashing in on. Moved my Mustang to Hagerty. Better fits my use case and I’m paying less...
  7. Do you ever disable rev matching?

    I keep it disabled unless I'm really tired. I never had the luxury of auto-blip downshifts when I started driving stick at 16. Rev-matching yourself, to me, is part of learning how to drive manual. Not necessary, but more like an "advanced" skill that you can pick up. Not to be confused with...
  8. Traded my ‘19 Bullitt for a ‘22 Civic Si!

    Practicality aside I would have gotten a new Miata instead of a Si. Whole another level of fun, tossable, lightweight, low powered car that a Si can't touch. The shifting experience is excellent too. Honda makes solid cars but personally that motor does nothing for me.
  9. Mach 1 alignment tips please

    If you want a good alignment I would take it to a tuning shop not the dealer. But if it’s free I’d see what they can do.
  10. Pre facelift vs facelift S550

    The +18 for the more rev happy Gen3 Coyote, louder stock exhaust, and beast of a 10-speed. Only get the 15-17 if you're really attached to the 1st gen look. I initially wanted a 16 or 17, but I gave my 19 a chance and the front fascia really grew on me. Definitely better in person than photos.
  11. Stopping distance GT vs GT PP1/PP2

    Another variable to consider is the PP1 came with two different tires, either Michelin PS4S or Pirelli P-Zeros.
  12. What you think of the new Mustang?

    1st Gen iPad levels of bezel around the gauge cluster screen 😬 No HUD was another big miss by Ford. You’re goal was to design a fighter jet inspired interior and somehow you miss out on a key piece of cool aviation tech. My father’s CX-30 has one and it’s look amazing along with keeping your...
  13. Ford Performance Street Handling Pack installed///Alignment results

    Yes. Definitely worth it. Getting more camber out of the front improved the handling balance a good bit. More neutral handling and I'm not fighting mid-corner understeer anymore. I'm not an expert but I believe the added caster you have over stock leads to more camber on turns. You might have...
  14. Ford Performance Street Handling Pack installed///Alignment results

    I recently got an alignment from a reputable local tuning shop that has a ton of experience with these cars. Told them I wanted a setup that was good for street and canyon blasts. I have the same setup (w/ camber bolts) minus rear spacers and springs. Here's what they did: Front Camber -1.8...
  15. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Even if you were missing out, you're not. The horsepower bump the 18+s got is pretty much negated by the taller gear ratios in the manuals. I've grown to love the 18s, I think the design is excellent. But I still prefer the OG S550 just a little more. Better gearing and the design is pretty...
  16. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Amen... I'm at desk for half the week, 12 hours a day, looking at 10 screens along with my phone. Driving is one of the few occasions I can take a break from that.
  17. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Right now it's a tentative "no" from me. I still strongly prefer physical gauges over an all digital dashboard. I know I'm in the minority on that. Waiting to find out more though. Curb weight, suspension revisions, official HP numbers, and how it drives. I'm excited about the dual air boxes...
  18. If you live in a state that requires front license plate, do you rock one?

    No front plate here in CO. Never had a cop stop me for it, never been ticketed. I’ll throw it in the front window if I’m parked in an unfamiliar area on a public street. If I’m going downtown (Denver) and know I’ll be street parking, I leave the Mustang at home. Their parking people are the...
  19. Mustangs parking by Mustangs - Photos

    Co-worker brought his out after a year of hibernation.
  20. Purged

    Even the panel gaps are on point! Love to find something like that in velocity blue.