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  1. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    Thats very impressive ET on 93! Mine was on E85 and pretty chilly in Vegas last december. But @ 138mph I should have more ET available to drop....next time. (did some more stuff and true round tires will help LOL). If you are are 4140 and a pp1 and a convertible... I can take off 140 for vert...
  2. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    2018, PP1, DRAG MODE USE Y A10 3.55 gears 2nd gear burnout Left it in Drive...left just off idle. Modifications: Palm Beach Dyno Tuned E85 Roush 2650 SuperCharger with Phase2 cooler X85 (VP - E85) Sai Li dual pumps ( drops to 49psi at 6800 on X85 ) Sai Li Rails id1050x injectors Stainless Works...
  3. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    Without taking it to a scale... They say a PP1 is 3732 lbs . Supercharger is like 160 lbs with the cooling system My Ass is like 190 lbs Half a tank of fuel. I pulled the passenger seat and the rear seat. but still that is like 100 lb total.
  4. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    Can everyone chime in on the MPH here? I feel like that MPH is very high and seems like the car has a much lower ET in it yet. Also, doesnt that calculate with 4080 lbs ish (my weight, supercharger weight, VMS wheels arent really lightweight, and irs braces on a PP1 car) to a HP #?
  5. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    Yeah its a Crimson ( only a 2018 option ) https://gopro.com/v/KRqponrQ0GEya On flat spotted (45 degree diagonal dent - defect) MT ET R tires.... fronts have flat spots ( I knew that before the run ). 1st and only full pass. Second pass was like square tires so I lifted and then didn't run it...
  6. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    MT approved an RMA for the rears. YAY but now I think I get to pay shipping on them.
  7. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    I raced last night and it went 10.5 at 138mph. The new drag radials have 2 diagonal dips in each... when they mounted them and balanced them they had to use a bunch of weights. The car rode like crap but I thought it was just my fronts that were used and had some wear issues. But after I pulled...
  8. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    You gonna pull the nanny plug out? Hope those tires show up for ya!
  9. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    Where are you racing on Friday? So am I in Vegas! I have the Phase 2 cooler...its 2x bigger. I am on new MT ET R 305 45 17. Skinnies up front and 760 rwhp with Palm Beach Dyno on X85. Headers, fuel system, fuel rails, 1050 injectors, PBD tuned, dss driveshaft, gforce axles, bmr irs stiff kit...
  10. Do all 1 piece driveshafts vibrate?

    Spacer? Mine is for the A10...no spacer I guess.
  11. 2018 w/ Roush Blower E85 Setup

    I wish I would have read this before I went down the rabbit hole! I had to mod my Li rails to work with the Roush. I actually needed to use a die grinder on the arm that rotates. Lots of metal there that can go away without getting into the slide slot. I also had to use a very thin spacer tube...
  12. Do all 1 piece driveshafts vibrate?

    Anything new on this driveline vibration?.... I just got a DSS aluminum and already feel like it is out of balance. Vibration at about 60mph is concerning.
  13. Failing inspection - SOS

    Just installed Stainless works headers on my 18 with the Roush 2650 SC. Got the catted option. P0420 light came on pretty quick after a good pull. I ordered up the J-style O2 tube defoulers. There are multiple inserts (hole size) options... not sure what people have done with these to make it...