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  1. 3 month depreciation 😬

    I sold my 15 with 33,000 for $31k 3 years ago, sounds like the bottom dropped out….keep it!
  2. Street racers....go to the track

    FYI, the NHRA owns the Atlanta track, but they are selling it. The quotes I read I so they can have cash to upgrade their LEASED TRACKS! Who sells something they own to improve land someone else owners?? Thats insanity. On the subject of street racing, it needs to stop. Period. However...
  3. Georgia Spare tire kit for sale

    All , I have Ford spare tire kit for sale in NE Metro Atlanta. I am not interested in shipping it, so local pickup only. It consists of the tire, jack, and screw to hold it down in the wheel well. I also have a rubberized floor mat I used as a pad… $150 OBO
  4. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Hahahaha. It’s 71 body on 2021 mechanicals. Now is it allowed? Kidding of course…I sold my 2015 in the used car craziness and went old school, need a retirement project, my 2015 just sat there. This thing I can dig into! AND I wear my 6g tshirts when driving it!
  5. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Can I throw this in here?
  6. SOLD it!

    Are you “cobra jet” over there too?
  7. SOLD it!

    I am there!
  8. SOLD it!

    I’ve had my 2015 GT for six years and enjoyed it but it was time to move on. The used car market is so hot it was the perfect time to sell. After six years and two months of use I recovered 31,500 of the 36,000 I paid for the car. I’m gonna put that money into a vintage mustang and slow down a...
  9. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    I am going out in the next few days to get local dealer offers now that I have online offers….I think it’s time to move on to a classic Mustang. It will fit my lifestyle better…. maybe buy this blue one and transition it to this sportier look….repaint the top, minor interior and front end...
  10. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    Wow, Metro Atlanta, 2015 Mustang GT premium with 32.5 k. Miles. Bought new 6 years, 2 months ago For $36,000 out the door. Carvana $26,296 KBB.com $28,378 vrooom $32,267 carmax refused online offer due to “too few appraisals” in Their database.
  11. What is your carvana sell offer for your Gt?

    I am thinking of unloading my 15 GT to fund buying this and starting the restore:
  12. Odd problem when backing up occasionally.

    Is your driveway on a hill?
  13. MFD door jam sticker

    Here’s the form the dealer needs to submit. And the staple marks where they damaged my damaged label replacement. I also had a cow where they selected “accident “ as reason, it was warranty replacement. The Ford lady says that reason is ignored and never recorded anywhere....
  14. MFD door jam sticker

    It looks like it is defective, missing it’s protective coating. The dealer can get you a new sticker for about $5 or so... When my hood was replaced due to galvanic corrosion I got replacement labels so that the car would retain its factory as built look. I cant remember if the body shop...
  15. Recall work

    My experience is they always want an inspection appointment followed by a do the work appointment. I know, really stupid.
  16. Aluminium fender corrosion.

    The correct fix is to replace the body panel due to metal contamination...it can’t be repaired, only replaced. It’s known as galvanic corrosion... since you are out of USA, yeah, most of us are unfamiliar with warranty status.
  17. Parking in hot garage

    My garage holds heat in the summer, 90+ For hours after pulling car in...I am thinking about adding an exhaust fan....
  18. A/C Evaporator Replaced Due To Leak

    Wow, that’s a massive job. Wasn’t there a revised TSB that didn’t require dash removal?
  19. Extended warranty

    I bought from Flood Ford, great experience...at the time the 15-17’s were blowing AC evaps all over the place, requiring about $3500 to pull the dash....of course my car has been perfect, but I would still do it again based on the amount of electronics in today’s cars....
  20. Dropped a piece of glove on an intake valve.......

    Speaking of manifolds, I once was spraying carb cleaner down a GF’s throttle body to loosen up all the oil brought in by the PCV system, the little red tube on the end of the carb cleaner went shooting down the manifold! It looked like an upside down header on the side of a 4 cylinder...I had...