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  1. Anyone else been shopping used cars?

    I'm pretty happy with what I own right now, but I like to look around every once in a while just to see what's available. I was doing that and was shocked at how high the prices are. Dodge Challengers - I saw a video saying they aren't selling and prices are being reduced. But wow - for 2021...
  2. Information gathering

    I think some of the information on telematics is posted here already. I realize this isn't new for 7th gen.
  3. Covers that are better than the original

    There are lots of covers out there. Most aren't as good as the original. Post up something you think is much better than the original. Edit: the video is pretty terrible. I'd say if you want to enjoy the song don't watch the video.
  4. Z06 engines

    https://www.motorbiscuit.com/chevrolet-corvette-z06-engines-exploding-reason-not-what-you-expect/ You may not want to click on the article. It's pretty crappy in my opinion. Basically it says Z06 engines are having issues, but GM is awesome and any problems are all the owners' faults. I say...
  5. Mach E issues with batteries

    Ford Mustang Mach E Major Recall Issued Over Battered Battery Issues (motortrend.com) I'm surprised. I would think Ford would have tested this.
  6. Am I a bad person?

    I was commuting home today and I saw a Mach E dead on the side of the road. I got the biggest smile on my face. It totally made my day.
  7. SAE engine power ratings

    Some people on here seem to think that automobile manufacturers are somehow forced to conform to SAE standards with their engine ratings. So to those people, I'd like to ask how this is done? I assume there has to be some sort of international police force that also employs engineers and...
  8. 2017 PP1 with Pirelli and track handling pack - how does it drive?

    So I've been driving my 2017 Mustang GT PP1 with the Ford Performance track handling pack and Pirelli tires. I installed the track handling pack over the winter. I've previously owned a GT350 tech pack car with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. I put over 30,000 miles on that car over 3.5...
  9. I think my Fiesta ST is getting fuel contamination in the oil

    2018 Fiesta ST. I have a 20-25 minute commute each way to work, so it should be getting plenty warm. The catch can is filling up quickly and it smells like gas. I also noticed the oil level seems to be increasing. It seems to run fine and power delivery is good (for what it is). There's...
  10. Car and Driver 20 Greatest of All Time (spoiler)

    So, people who live here will not be surprised; the GT350 is on C&D's GOAT list. I wasn't sure it would be there because are a lot of great cars. And in my opinion you need time to find out how great something really is - being that the GT350 is a relatively new vehicle. A lot of products...
  11. Question for those with active cooling of diff and/or transmission

    I'm looking at adding transmission and differential coolers to my 2017 GT and I'm not sure what the best way is to control the pumps. There are a few solutions, but most are for radiator (engine water) cooling. I saw an article on Ford Muscle (linked on here) where they used an AEM Infinity...
  12. This headline made me sad (CAFE standards)

    https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-obama-era-vehicle-mileage-standards Uggghhh, still increasing the fuel economy standards every year. So crummy. Why oh why can't we get some politicians that have a little more common sense? And why do they all have to be so left wing?
  13. Talk me into tow hooks

    I've been looking at the ZL-1 Add-ons Mustang tow hooks. I've never gone off track and needed to be pulled back on track, but people say you really should have something. I realize I'm being cheap, but they seem too expensive to me. So, do I really need these? Is there a better / preferred...
  14. Essential businesses

    I was at the tile shop last night. Our governor is issuing an order to close non-essential businesses. The guy at the tile shop said that the states that have closed down non-essential businesses have still allowed branches of this tile business to stay open. So how many of you work in...
  15. Road Course thoughts?

    Any of you GT500 owners had them to the road course yet? Any thoughts about how it went? I'm looking forward to hearing more about these cars.
  16. Lost all respect for Brad Pitt

    Not that I ever thought he was a great actor or anything, but he was entertaining in some past movies. Either he's unaware of what is really going on, or he decided he wanted to lie to the public for political gain. Whichever is true, I have no respect for the guy any more. Just take your...
  17. No Iowa Caucus info?

    So.. does this mean Bernie won again?
  18. November jobs numbers are out

    266,000 new jobs in November. The economy is doing great. Good news! Trump's policies are really helping the American people to succeed and thrive. https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/november-jobs-report-employment-data
  19. Immigration and border issues

    Anyone seen recent news stories on the border issues, immigration and how many illegals are penned up? Especially the main stream press was making a huge deal about this 6-12 months ago. They were pretending like the problem was new under Trump as well. Remember all that? Remember the fake...
  20. Elizabeth Warren wealth tax

    So Warren is proposing a wealth tax. Basically it means that if you have saved up money, the government could take some of it every year. Thoughts?