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  1. Oklahoma Sold: AIM SOLO DL w/ Ram mount and OBDII

    Perfect working order. Updated with the latest firmware. Complete with OBDII cable, Ram suction cup mount, USB/charger, manual and original box. $350 shipped
  2. Oklahoma Sold: nGuage with 91/100oct Lund tunes

    Set back to stock $250 shipped
  3. Oklahoma Sold: Back to stock sale GT350 S550 parts

    List will be updated as parts sell: Lowered prices! Spherical Bearing Front Control Arm Kit w/ Cool Tech brake duct completion - 2015-2019 S550 Mustang & GT350 - $250 shipped - No added NVH, no alignment needed, easy swap!
  4. Oklahoma Sold: 2016 Mustang GT350 Track Package - 5600mi -priced to sell!

    Year: 2016 Make: Ford Model: Mustang Trim: GT350 Color: Oxford White w/ Deep Impact Blue stripes Transmission: Tremec 3160 6 spd Mileage: 5674 Modifications: Well maintained. PPF since new (nose, headlights, portion of the hood, a-pillars, roof, mirrors, rockers and rear impact area in front...
  5. Oklahoma Sold: GT350 Titanium brake shims/heat shields

    $125 shipped Complete set F&R. 1mm Titanium Shims designed to limit heat transfer through the backing plate of the brake pad and into the brake caliper pistons. F&R 4 piece sets which will protect the caliper pistons from heat during track events helping prevent caliper seal damage, fluid...
  6. GT Sold: GT350 Calipers

    Takeoffs with less than 1k miles. Powder coat or paint these to match your stripes or your tastes. $575 shipped (firm)
  7. Oklahoma Sold: DSC Sport Shock Controller

    DSC Sport Controller includes bracket. $1100 shipped (firm) You won't find one cheaper! They are $1400 new now.
  8. GT Sold: Schroth Profi II ASM 4 pt Harness

    Schroth Profi II ASM / 4-Point / Silver / Shoulder Wrap / 2in Lap Flexi SnapOn / FIA Great condition - Purchased Feb '17 for $700 will take $525 shipped
  9. Oklahoma Sold: Auto-Blip

    Auto-Blip works fantastic. This was on my 2016 GT350. Sometime in 2017 Ford changed the accelerator reference voltage from 5v to 12v. This is the 5v model. If you have a '17 GT350 follow this procedure below to determine if this 5v unit will work for your 2017. 2016 models there is no issue...
  10. Oklahoma Sold: Lightweight Antigravity Lithium Battery w/ Morris Engineering Mount

    Antigravity ATX-12-24 720 amp Lithium battery ($400 new) with Morris Engineering battery box mount ($165 new) purchased 7 mo ago. Zero issues whatsoever on the GT350. Only selling because I am selling my car. Recommend you purchase a CTEK lithium battery maintainer which does fantastic in...
  11. Oklahoma Sold: Titanium Tow Hook

    ZL1 Addons Titanium tow hook with high strength aluminum mount ($165 shipped) Titanium tow hooks come in at half the weight of their Premium counterparts. Designed around a high-grade titanium shaft we have custom crafted a billet aluminum D-ring and anodized it red.
  12. Oklahoma Sold: Steeda Rear adj Camber Arms, Vertical links and G-trac 2 pt brace

    Steeda S550 Mustang Ultralite 2-Point G-Trac Brace (2015-2019) - $70 shipped Steeda S550 Mustang Billet Aluminum Vertical Links with Polyurethane Bushings (2015-2019 All) - SOLD Steeda S550 Mustang Rear Adjustable Camber Arms (2015-2019 All) - SOLD
  13. Oklahoma Sold: Lethal Off Road mid-pipes

  14. Non OE Sway Bar End Link (ball joint,greaseable)Clearance Issue with MagneRide

    Not applicable to OE sway bars, end links or heim joint end links Applicable: Steeda or BMR adj sway bar end links (same design)and adj sway bars. Note: Running FRPP Sway bars & springs Check your clearance on the sway bar mounted end where the grease zerk is in proximity to the...
  15. FTBR sway bar end links - SOLD

  16. Schroth Quickfit Pro 4 pt harness

  17. GT350 v2.0 ready for the track.....mods inside

    Various mods...Forgelines installed GA1R 19x11 with R offsets and 315 PSC2's square. Vorshlag camber plates. Full tilt boogie sway bar end links. Cooltech brake duct completion kit. DIB stripe matched calipers with titanium inserts. R splitter...more pics to follow. Lund tune, Lethal Perf...
  18. Anyone running Torque RT700 brake fluid?

    Feedback? Getting ready to change out brake fluid for a track day as with race pads things are going to get hotter. Castrol SRF is being ran in the track attack cars but the Torque RT700 sounds very intriguing. http://www.torquebrakefluid.com/