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  1. Re-do the clear bra after hood replacement or not ?

    So, with 7 days left on the 5-year corrosion warranty, my Mustang went into the dealer today for warranty replacement of the hood due to two 1/4" bubbles on the front edge of the hood. Strikes me as bizarre that the only solution is hood replacement, but, not my circus / not my monkeys. In...
  2. Valets and sticks.

    Not my picture, but I had something similar visiting my mom when she was in the hospital. The main lot was full, so I pulled up to the valet line. A young lady at the stand brightened up when she saw the car and started to hurry over. As she approached, I asked "You drive stick?" and got a...
  3. Another day on the road in Massachusetts

    Fun on Rt. 495 this morning. I started to move into that lane to see what he finally did before realizing that I'd squash him flat if he went down. Also, of course, there's a car with NY plates camped out in the left lane with a stack of traffic behind him and nothing in front of him for a...
  4. 🚔 2015 GT versus Arkansas State Police

    OK, which forum member was it?
  5. It's not a Mustang, but it behaves like one

    What happens when you lift off / brake at high speed on a curve. What's the bet that the kid came around the curve, saw the cop's lights on the other side, and overreacted by trying to shed all the speed before the cop noticed? Look at the video at 0:04 in. BMW M3 going sideways, BMW 7 on...
  6. Corners are fun again !

    Snow tires off yesterday and performance summers back on. :fingerscrossed:
  7. Why do I use dash cameras?

    This is why. The 60s and 70s soundtrack is on the house.
  8. Saw a Mustang with a Montana plate today in Massachusetts

    You don't see many Montana license plates in Massachusetts, so they stand out, especially if they're one of the fundraising types that have odd colors or images. I passed a Mustang this morning with a "special fund" Montana plate this morning, and I have to admit that I might actually pay the...
  9. Name something on your Mustang that's working as designed and is really irritating.

    As the title says, what ticks you off every time it behaves as designed? On my car, it's "MAX DEFROST". Sure, crank the heat and fan all the way up when I activate it. But, when I push the button to turn it off, don't leave the damn automatic thermostat set at 85.
  10. The "run" part of a hit and run.

    Came upon an interesting situation the other day. As I came up to a light at the interchange of a highway and a secondary road, I saw a car backing towards the intersection on my side. At first I thought it was someone who missed the on-ramp as was stupidly backing up instead of going down and...
  11. Current Sync3 Map version

    What's the current map version for Sync3? I remember doing one about a year ago, and the Ford website says I have a "complimentary download" currently available. Has a new map been released into the wild recently? I'd hate to go through all the nonsense only to find out I've reloaded the...
  12. I've never been a fan of launch control ...

    ... but this exceeds my worries.
  13. FordPass Pickup and Delivery service

    I just received a message on FordPass, offering free pickup and delivery of my car for its next service visit. First thought: Great! My wife wouldn't need to make the 30 mile roundtrip to the dealership twice! Second thought: I'd be letting the lowest paid employee in the service department...
  14. Email regarding recall: 22S37 Powertrain Control Module

    I received an email this morning regarding a recall on my 2019. The email came via CarFax (I am not a fan, but my dealer submitted my ownership information to them without my knowledge). I don't recall seeing anything here on the forum. Have I just not been paying attention? Email text...
  15. Jury Orders Ford to Pay $7 Million to Family of Mustang Crash Victim

  16. "Availability Premium" - AYFKM ?

    Walking through the showroom today while picking up my 2019 after some warranty work (the battery coughed up its skull with just 2 weeks left to go on the warranty - beats 2 weeks after!), and saw a 2022 Mustang on the floor, so I stopped to look. Base EcoBoost with a few options...
  17. Damp and slightly smoky VW Group vehicles soon to be available

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/44340/189-bentleys-lots-of-audis-are-on-that-burning-cargo-ship-adrift-in-the-atlantic Bentleys, Porches, Audis, VWs, and maybe even a Lambo or two.
  18. At least we don't worry about THIS with a Mustang

    I did worry about it with both my BMWs, though. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a39120715/cargo-ship-with-porsches-and-vws-burning/