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  1. Rear lower control arm removal

    FYI. Make sure you clock the lca. Good luck
  2. Rear lower control arm removal

    Hate to hear that. I just had my LCA lowered for new spring install. I use a 1/2" 36" ratchet bar to remove those bolts. And I have found, when removing high torque bolts/ nuts, I cannot use swivel universals, multible extensions for the impact hit is absorbed to much to break them loose. Good...
  3. ESS G3X 60-130 seems slow compared to everyone else's with same/similar mods.

    If you don't mind me asking, which dra performance device are you running. Good luck on figuring it out
  4. Ford GT style toggle switches

    Any pics yet?
  5. Interchiller install (whipple GT350) and initial report

    Can you tell me what you have heard, good or bad about IC Chiller kits? I do like what they offer. I have the option to use my whipple OS H/E and install a electric bypass valve and routing the switch to mount somewhere in the inside. I would like not having it going continuously, but only when...
  6. Interchiller install (whipple GT350) and initial report

    Thank you for your help. I agree with you, I do not want to get rid of my OS whipple H/E for those exact reasons for I am a "What IF" man. I decided I will go with IC Chiller (Charlie). He has been very helpful and I have his direct number which he answers immediately, and I am not waiting for...
  7. Interchiller install (whipple GT350) and initial report

    I am thinking about installing a FI stage 2 interchiller. Is FI the one you went with? I also have a 2019 GT PP1. I don't know if I want to remove my whipple oversized heat exchanger? what did you do? Maybe I would also install a higher flower intercooler pump from my stock whipple. Thank You
  8. Anyone Running FI Interchiller on Whipple?

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has installed the FI Interchiller on a whipple 3.0 and what do you think?. Thanks for your help.
  9. Steeda dual rate springs, Camber plates

    Just installed Steeda Dual rate ultimate springs, Front camber plates, rear sway bar and front and rear adjustable end links and J&M rear upper magneride mounts for 1/2" more clearance and Radium high flow check valve, and Kelltrac IRS craddle stud anker kit..
  10. Ford GT style toggle switches

    Jimmy, put me on your list. 😃
  11. Arcane fuel fitting blew off

    Definitely "DO-NOT" put anything on the flareside of a an fitting, and the ORB male side, has a O-Ring so DO-NOTE put anything other than the O-Ring on that male ORB side. Good Luck
  12. Arcane fuel fitting blew off

    This is how I connected my fuel gauge and feed line to my whipple rail.
  13. Does Anyone Make Poly Rear Spring Isolators for a Magneride Shocks??

    Hi. My 19 in just 2000 miles wore out my OEM rear magneride shock Isolators. I known its due to my locking veryting out on the rear and every shift or bump isntr cushioned by rubber mounts and so they just slam the isolators on each shift. Thanks
  14. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Same with me. I use Motul racing 5w 40. To much money to chance it.
  15. New Half Shaft Axles Install Gone Wrong? (2015 Mustang PP)

    Great you were able to get everything right. Now you know without a doubt, everything you did is correct. I will say, Last winter when i did my suspension verification checks, I found my right vertical link lower bolt loose. All I know is shit happens. That's why I now put Torque Stick on ever...
  16. Arcane fuel fitting blew off

    I used a-6 orb to -8an male flare on my fuel rail, -8 an line fitting. But only after DW mentioned it. Sorry to hear of your problems. Glad it wasn't worse.
  17. New Half Shaft Axles Install Gone Wrong? (2015 Mustang PP)

    Everything smooth, hard shifting is perfect, cruising was perfect, no issue. When I installed my half shafts it took 5 hard pushes before they popped in. Note: it is very important that.you Clock your rear end afterwords. Good luck
  18. New Half Shaft Axles Install Gone Wrong? (2015 Mustang PP)

    I don't know what year or model car you have. But I just replaced my rear axle half shafts on my 2019 Mustang GT Premium PP1. Yes, their is a left half shaft and a right half shaft. And Yes, you will hear a click when the shaft finally pops into the differential. If it was me, I would Check...
  19. cheap grippy tires

    Where do you live? I'm in North Indianapolis IN. area
  20. cheap grippy tires

    Who makes quality inserts?I guess since I have it off the ground I will check after I clock my rear suspension. Thanks