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  1. Frankenstein build - Voodoo / Coyote PCM, harness and fuel pump questions for a Voodoo 5.2 transplant into a GT chassis

    We'll I have a base GT350 5.2 engine and (mostly intact) complete engine, 4" non-premium dash, floor harnesses, gauges, body modules and fuel pumps. AFAIK the car was a non-magneride base GT350 from 2016. I also have a GT engine, dash, floor harnesses, gauges, fuel tank (which are all in the...
  2. Talk me into a centrifugal

    Car is 40% street, 50% autocross, and 10% track. I have to rebuild (or part out) this Gen2 motor, so I need to decide on boost and choose a 9.5:1 compression motor or a 12:1 NA optimized motor. I've had great results with this as an NA build, but I want more power/torque, and for reasons I...
  3. Motor seized - what would you put in?

    After 98k, 135 autox events and 34 days on track, this 2015 Gen 2 Coyote is ded. Sounded like rod knock before I parked it and it wont turn over now. TBH I knew this day was coming. There wasnt a Dr Strange future where I could get away driving this 8+ nearly 100k mile 2015 motor as hard as...
  4. Power cutting out

    Long left handers at the track and getting a bit worse. Runs great when its not messing up. Wrench icon and a “see manual” message. One code -P062C Tuned with E85, bigger injectors etc. 3/4 tank of gas. ~98000 miles. Its hitching and cutting out like its fuel starving. No smoke. Idk...
  5. Wheel cleaning day

    (Not shown - the 4 on the car which also got cleaned). Took a bit less than 2 hour, and that just to sponge them all off. No paint correction or detail work at all. I’ve been daily driving on the track pads, so they all had a ton of brown brake dust. Its nothing soap and a sponge won’t wash...
  6. Pressures for A052s?

    Any tips on hot pressures for 315/30R18 A052s? I've heard as much as +10 psi higher than what you'd use on other similar tires. I've never run these before and I need to get up to speed quickly :)
  7. DIY splitter v1.5

    Just some pics of my second version of a DIY splitter. This time the core is marine plywood which should hold up better to the elements with less effort put towards sealing it from water. The last one I made held up for a good while, but eventually picked up a visible warp which was bugging...
  8. max power for stock diff?

    My friend is doing a blower (supercharger I think) and targeting like 600-800hp Would be an auto car. How much power before the differential is an issue?
  9. Anybody need a Roush Axleback?

    I have one coming off the car soon. I needed a quieter exhaust.
  10. Canerds

    Is what you call people who put canards on their cars? AJ Hartman canards with a custom DIY splitter. Definitely a lot going on!
  11. Brake vacuum assist

    Has anyone done a vacuum canister or electronic boost pump on an S550? ‘16 GT will sometimes not have enough brake vacuum (hard pedal) if I come off a sustained high RPM straight and stab the brakes without a bit of a pause. If I pause between acceleration and brakes its always fine. I’ve...
  12. PCV and valve covers- smoke after a long left carousel

    So I’m getting a ton of oil smoke when going 10/10ths but only after a loong left sweeper. GT w/ 80k miles. ‘18 intake manifold. Everywhere else on track its fine. Drivers side catch can is ok, only a bit of oil. Definitely oil in the passengers side line tho and no catch can on that side...
  13. Sim rigs

    Lets see those sim rigs. VR, monitor setups, DIY or bought. this budget rig one is almost ready. I didn’t want to spend a lot on hardware until I know how much I’m actually going to use it. seat and dash/pedals are two different parts, so hopefully easier to stow away when not in use...
  14. center armrest / storage lid removal

    Anybody know how to remove the padded armrest lid on the center console? Mine I think is rattling. Who knew that part could rattle too?
  15. Intakes with hood vents

    I have hood vents. All the hood vents. i figured a Steeda closed ProFlow intake might be a good match for a ported 18 intake and an E85 tune but seems like the mass airflow quality sucks, so idle and driveability suffer. Still working with the tuner but signs are pointing at ditching the...
  16. '18+ stock GT air intake?

    Anybody have a stock airbox for an '18+ MY GT lying around they aren't using? I'm having issues with an aftermarket intake and want to try a stock '18 one.
  17. For those switching between E85 and pump gas tunes, how do you remind yourself which gas/tune you're on?

    For those who are running both E85 and pump tunes, do you do anything to remind yourself which gas is in the tank, so you don't cross the streams accidentally? Just curious.
  18. Throttle Body compatibility?

    I have a '16 GT. Can I run an '18 throttle body (I've been told yes by the parts vendor and no by the tuner. I'm guessing the tuner correct?) GT350 Throttle body? Thanks,
  19. Texas WTT: 3.73 Torsen for 3.55 Torsen

    Looking to trade a GT's 3.73 Torsen and pumpkin housing for a 3.55 Torsen.
  20. Engine bay cleaning

    Man, I'd been avoiding cleaning my engine bay, but after 5 years and 67k miles it was getting kinda gross in there. I was reluctant to pop the hood in public for the shame. Years ago I really discolored the aluminum block on a car by using simple green on it and I was concerned about getting...