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  1. Which exhaust is this?

    My S type has a small resonator in the bend right before the muffler. As well as the X pipe. So evidently the Ford performance version is a bit different... But if the price is right, I would go for it..
  2. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Perl is great :) Another good one for UV protection is 303 Aerospace.
  3. 2016 GT PP Tire Options

    If its a true PP car with Brembo brakes up front, the 18's wont clear them. 19's are required.... I would just get what is on the car. All season's are great. The Continental DWS 06 or the Michelin Pilot All Season 4 are both great options. I personally have ran both tires and they do...
  4. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    My daily driver gets driven over 40K miles yearly. Stays outside 24x7. I applied CARPRO Dlux to all the plastic trim last summer and it is holding up great, still nice and black and sheds water like crazy. This is a wheel and trim ceramic coating. There are other brands that carry similar...
  5. Kamikaze Collection - Miyabi V2 Impressions

    Very nice, and 4K too. That's awesome :) I love to watch ceramic bead water :)
  6. Another tire thread!

    I am in the same predicament. My rears are getting a little thin, fronts are still very useable. BUT, I have the Nitto 555G2 and they SUCK. I will probably do all 4 in either PS4S or Conti Extreme contact just to get rid of these pigs. Then do rears only when I need to.

    The new pavement is really nice :). I had the road to myself Sunday morning. I went thru before 8 am and there was literally NOBODY in my lane the entire trip either in front or come up behind me. I had a few oncoming bikes and a truck or two but that wasn't too bad. Was able to enjoy the...

    On my way home Sunday from a 4 day Mountain Rally. Killboy.com caught me ridin dirty on the new pavement on Tail of the Dragon. Still not a bad pic :)
  9. How to remove spray “coating “ build up

    Same for me, Dream maker was not a dream to me, more like a nightmare. Terrible streaky, and the smell is very offputting to me. Beadmaker applies much easier, but attracts dust like a MF so I have abandoned it too. Have found better alternatives, ADS Amplify being the newest I love the...
  10. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    Can't go wrong with CARPRO. They make great products, I have a ton of them in my arsenal and rotate them out regularly. Perl, Reset, Lift, Hydro2, Reload, even Retyre is fantastic. Some of them I have found better alternatives (I much prefer P&S Express interior over CP Inside). As for...
  11. Engine Bay Cleaning and Detailing

    I like the look fortunately. MP is good for me. If I used anything else I would use Perl diluted 4:1. I have and it works great too.
  12. How to remove spray “coating “ build up

    Haven't I haven't tried Paint gloss. Slick and Slide is nice. You ought to try Armour detail Amplify. It's my new favorite at the moment. Very easy to apply, wipes clean very quickly.
  13. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    I have loved what I have tried so far. I know you really like the wheel coating. That's on my radar but I have a bottle of Gyeon Rim to use up first. I love the Adapt so much I bought a gallon.
  14. New to foam cannon washing, what am i doing wrong

    I have the Karcher and love it. The flow is pretty low, but it gets the job done just fine for me. And with the cube version, it is small and light weight. Had the Active units on my radar but will not do any kind of upgrade til this one dies...
  15. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    New product alert. Used a couple new to me products today. Ordered a few things from Armour detail supply last week. Used their Hero rinseless wash last week but I used their Shampoo+ for my wash today, and for the final wipe/drying aid I used their Amplify ceramic infused detail spray...
  16. Velgen Wheels Summer Sale | Light Weight Series

    Want another set :). I have gunmetal 20x10/11 VF5's now. Wanna get a set of VF10's same setup at some point. What is the time frame for the sale?
  17. How to remove spray “coating “ build up

    I used to use it after every wash. But stopped using it altogether. I use Adams Slick and Slide now as a drying aid. Just tryed Armour Detail Supply amplify today. It works great too and is Silica based so plays nice with ceramics.
  18. Engine Bay Cleaning and Detailing

    I don't go quite as hard as he does. I do spray over it all though, when wet yes.. And I shut the hood and clean the rest of the car. Then I open the hood and go around with a towel and soak up the puddles. It does leave puddles in low areas. But for the most part it levels down really nice...
  19. Engine Bay Cleaning and Detailing

    I like MP, it works great. It is glossy when done though, and does attract dust over time. But looks awesome for quite a while.
  20. New to foam cannon washing, what am i doing wrong

    Gsf is good stuff. Maybe not quite as strong as Reset but still slick and perfectly good to use every day. I do like it a lot as do I love Many KCX products.