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  1. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Well a Torsen is a good diff, and I think you could do worse then starting there. OS Gilken is probably preferred, but its also more money when you can get a perfectly good torsen used. I worry that a 3.73 won't give you the reach w/o shifting to 3rd. 331=68mph, 355=63.4, 373=60.4, but...
  2. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    if he does have a 3.15 then going to a 3.73 would drop him from 71.5 to 60.4, which is IMHO too short for national courses. But again, when you dont need to shift, lower gear is better.
  3. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    If your 296 tires are 295/35 then going to a 305/30 or 315/30 will also reduce your top speed as well. If you look up the tire revs per mile you can calculate how much.
  4. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    71.5 mph and 331->373 = 63.4mph. 331->355 is 66.6 Lower top speed is better except when its forcing you to shift
  5. 355 torsen

    Thats a complicated question and I’d have to direct you to youtube to look at how Torsen diffs work. Short answer is its normal if both wheels are off the ground. no worries.
  6. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    right.. what is your max speed in 2nd gear currently?
  7. 355 torsen

    Best to start a new thread or post in CAMC thread.
  8. 355 torsen

    Could you restate the question? With the torsen, If the tires are off the ground, if you spin one, the other will spin the opposite direction, yes. if you’re driving and one tire is completely off the ground, you can’t put power down through the other (the tire off the ground will spin)...
  9. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    The oil lines. I'm going to email them again.
  10. PVC hose placement help

    Looks like the yellow circled one in jpjr501's pic seems to be plugged on yours. See if you can pop the plug out? Your intake does look exactly like an OEM cast, but maybe modified by the previous owner? You could pic up a used replacement which is intact if you wanted to. If it works, it...
  11. Decisions decisions……

    Both for the same money?
  12. TPMS reset?

    There's a little radio (or something) ford device you can use to force a reset which you can pick up on ebay. Or you can swing through the dealership service bay and I bet they can use the tool (they should have one and it takes 30 seconds. I'd be shocked if they tried to charge you). If...
  13. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    Love it. I have used rear shock rebound to tune for some corner rotation on entry and then you can still have compliant rear suspension for putting power down on exit. I fully agree that too much rear bar in an attempt to balance entry or mid corner will hurt your corner exit. I like some rear...
  14. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I've never liked the 35mm bars on full stiff, let alone the bigger steeda competition bar. I'm not sure what spring rate or race car would need that bar on full stiff. Maybe an M1 Abrams tank.
  15. SCCA CAM-C Thread

    I liked the Dual rates at ~350 in the stiff range, but now even a 500 lb spring feels soft in the front lol. They sure looked mostly loaded into the high rate when sitting, but whatever. Going from 500 to 650 (at the same ride height) and my splitter bonks pavement a lot less because there's...
  16. Power cutting out

    i’ll let you know in a couple weeks. Going into the tank soon to see whats going on in there.
  17. Front Tire Rub (HP Wheels + Steeda Dual Rates)

    Nah. Nah. Steeda had some reports of fit issues. None of that on the BMR, but a 35mm bar is basically a 35mm bar. you want one with collars so they dont side around. Most front bars have that.
  18. 315/30/19 Front Fitment Question

    Kenda whats? Yeah no thanks. Good luck.
  19. To Those Who Have .. Subframe & Alignment

    I mean the rear is a little annoying to adjust because of the cross talk between toe and camber, but its not THAT bad. After the car is on the rack and the alignment equipment is attached, its probably <10 minutes of fiddling. I've watched my mechanic do it a few times and I've had a ton of...
  20. Best Wheel Options for Mach 1

    I'd be more worried about the wife sniffing out the tires :P A lot of tires don't even have a good coat of paint on the side rim edge, FWIW. Glad you've got a sense of humor!