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  1. IKON GT500 Hood + Decal + QL-50

    I'll try to get you some pictures of this soon. I was getting my hood/bumper ceramic coated yesterday and giving it some cure time. I should be able to get to it now.
  2. My beauty is gone...

    Good luck, lol. I've seen nothing but issues with anything coming from Audi, BMW, or Mercedes from people I know who have owned them which keeps me from ever buying one. Just pray you have an extended warranty. The RS3 has a unique engine and it's a really cool car but still... It will likely...
  3. My beauty is gone...

    Anything is better than a BMW that will just end up in the shop costing you a fortune. Anything German for that matter...
  4. Mach 1 Custom Stripes

    Auto Design Shop decals are top notch. Highly recommend! Color scheme looks great on that color.
  5. IKON GT500 Hood + Decal + QL-50

    PPF done. Just waiting on it to cure plus my PPF guy wants to coat both pieces too.
  6. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    PPF done on the hood and bumper and needs to cure. My PPF guy is coming back out later to coat both. Matte piece in the center of the decal and gloss everywhere else. The Auto Design Shop decals do work with PPF. Excited to have the car back for the final step then I can finally drive it a lot...
  7. Mach 1 Track Attack Vehicle Sale

    I may or may not have red lined this car multiple times and clutch dumped on the drag strip full WOT shifting at 7100.
  8. Mach 1 Track Attack Vehicle Sale

    Not bad for a handling pack with some extras.
  9. Mach 1 Track Attack Vehicle Sale

    Just got the email here not long ago. I really wonder how much they are letting them go for?
  10. Mach 1 Track Attack Vehicle Sale

    "Well broken in Mach 1 for sale!"
  11. IKON GT500 Hood + Decal + QL-50

    Yeah, when I took it to my PPF guy, he said the same thing. The shop made the right call on where they cut it and how it runs. Either way, I'm not dissatisfied at all. Looks great to me and that's all that matters. If someone does tackle this in the future and does the much wider decal, I'd...
  12. Getting this repaired… but how disappointing

    Mine was jacked up like that from the Ford Performance struts and I just covered it up with a redline set. Problem solved.
  13. OIL Drain plug

    Have the Femco still on the car. No leaks, hasn't fallen off or anything crazy happen.
  14. I hate bad old drivers.

    Has your work considered parking lines? Letting people just freely park like that is how stuff like this usually happens. Go for those ultra wide Costco style parking spots!
  15. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Yep, I swapped to those too. The UPR lines are really nice in comparison. I had a UPR catch can in my 17 GT that was near the passenger headline with similar lines and they're pretty high quality.
  16. IKON GT500 Hood + Decal + QL-50

    Possible? Yeah, they could widen the decal if I wanted on the measurements but it would be sitting on the two curved edges on both sides. It might not look right due to that and the orange stripes would look really off but I understand what you're wanting it to do.
  17. IKON GT500 Hood + Decal + QL-50

    Well, here is the final result before I have PPF put on. If the decal is any wider, it will impede on the lines on the hood. I think they did a pretty good job overall. It's very tough to do this decal. Could they have curved the cut more on the bottom piece of the decal to flow into the vent...
  18. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Well, I got the car back after dropping it off early this afternoon. Here's the result that the shop did with the decal.
  19. Wengerd Is the King for Tuning!!

    Been Wengerd tuned for a while. Both the 93 and E85 tunes are perfect and I also have zero issues passing inspection too even with the O2 sensors on. May have just been my previous 17 GT I had with a new manifold on it but regardless, it's been great so far.
  20. MACh1 Track Attack 4-16-24 !!

    6,500, lol. Not near enough for a 2021.