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  1. It’s happening

    Today we went to our favorite spot. They are usually well staffed with great people. Well today they where short 3 staff and this was running around with only 2 folks serving and cleaning 20 tables. Service today was lacking.
  2. Formula 1 talk.

    Seriously Checo is making the argument for Ricciardo to take his seat. His performance in the sprint was horrible.
  3. Formula 1 talk.

    Max is on a completely different level. He took pole with an amazing lap. But he has a 5 spot grid penalty for taking a 5th transmission. The funny thing is he was talking about grabbing that 12th win on Sunday 😂
  4. Revamped JLT Intake

    Cool Thanks 🙏🏼
  5. Revamped JLT Intake

    I do Ron’s hot rod shop. That’s would be an option.
  6. Revamped JLT Intake

    You know I was about to pm you on that. I’m definitely going with a stand alone. The main reason I’d go E is because of safety but I only have 1 pump in the area and they’ve been having issues with supply. Sometimes they’ll go up to 48 hrs with no deliveries. Now I have the GTO so I have a fall...
  7. Revamped JLT Intake

    I was looking at the DW and also considering the AEM. Both flow 400LPH. Yes definitely a BAP for insurance. Nothing like over building for security.
  8. Revamped JLT Intake

    Thanks brother. Yeah when I contacted juggernaut they said that a 200 hit was doable but not with a plate system. I’d have to sign a waiver lol. It would have to be direct port. I should have the system by late August. Question to you. Will I need to up my injectors? I know the DI is good to...
  9. Revamped JLT Intake

    So took it for a quick spin. Did a highway and street run. The IATs didn’t go beyond 6*. My car said it was 99* outside and the IATs went up to 105* as long as the car was moving. Definitely a win. The exhaust note got throatier and my butt dyno didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. 😂...
  10. Revamped JLT Intake

    Just got it done a bit ago. I’ll report with IATs and see where they reach up to
  11. Revamped JLT Intake

    Fairly straight forward. Easy install solid fit
  12. more EV regret from the previously enchanted...

    Now now BEVs and EVs don’t burn as often as gas vehicles do. Even though that came from a truncated skewed test of EV and BEV cars which gave the electric cars false numbers.🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. Revamped JLT Intake

    It’s here. This is the full kit and I have to say I’m impressed with the intake. Nice solid build. Very durable and the plastic is thick. Here are some pics. It’ll go on tomorrow. Nicely packaged Here’s the rest unpacked

    Is there no one where you live that can tune the transmission for smoother shifting?
  15. Revamped JLT Intake

    Agreed but I don’t have anything else other then a cat back. And coming from the LS world 99% of intakes won’t see any performance gains until a tune is done. Once I get my headers, do an E conversion with a direct port nitrous set up and a stand alone is when I’ll tune. I don’t think this will...
  16. Revamped JLT Intake

    So I was up in the air about getting a CAI. I was leaning towards the Roush closed box because of IATs. Then got on the net and looked for the JLT for S&G. Well it’s revamped and I just picked up a closed box JLT intake. Saved me $100 over the Roush. Its supposed to be here Friday. It is a no...
  17. Formula 1 talk.

    Every champion has raced dirty. Senna was no saint and one of the dirtiest drivers was Schumacher. He had a worse temper then Max and drove dirtier then Lewis and yet he is revered as the top Formula drivers champion of all time now a days. During their tenure champions like Senna Schumacher...
  18. GT500 v Dodge Black Ghost

    Agreed the GT500 is way better balanced puts down the power better and corners way better. Let’s say that they where even at the corner the GT500 would have smoked him around the turn. Either way I don’t see a scenario the GT500 would loose unless there was a catastrophic engine failure .😂
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